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Ideal frequency of posting on YouTube? How often is too much, or too little?

How often should you be uploading to your YouTube channel? You'll look below this video. There is a hopefully inspirational video for you that basically the general guidance I have on social media, social media, not email newsletters that there's there could be too many emails. But with social media, upload as as many as you can, as frequently as you can. Now that might mean different frequency for different people.
Okay? I'm not saying you have to upload every day. But on YouTube though, I'll I'll I'll I'll I'll say this guidance. If you're like our batch recording, like, let's say you I'm looking at Brigitte here, for example, with with vegan family kitchen. This is still called Brigitte.
I think you were doing a re rebrand, tells us what it is in in the comments below. She's setting up her kitchen to record some videos that and it takes time to so maybe she's gonna record, like, 3 or 4 videos at the same time after she some of you put makeup on. My makeup's pretty light, if you can't tell. Joking, I have no makeup. But except this.
I always do it like this before I start recording. Right? So so some of you have to set things up. Right? So I understand you want a batch record.
Okay? So and, Bridget, thank you. Still, vegan family kitchen. Just check it out. I've signed up for Bridget services and and newsletters and stuff.
It's good stuff. So if you record like several videos at once, please don't upload them all. Publish them all on the same day. You can upload them all, but just schedule them to be tripped out on some kind of regular basis. So for example, let's say, you say, alright, George.
I'm committed to batch recording 4 videos. Every time I sit down to record a video record videos, I'm gonna do 4. At a time. And I can do it, like, every 2 weeks. Say, great.
So if you're telling me you're gonna have 8 videos every 2 weeks. So 14 divided by 8 is approximately 2 videos. Right? Or one video every 2 days, something like that. And that's what you should do.
You whenever you batch record, you then upload them all, but then you schedule 1 for every 2 days. So every other day or something like that. If you were doing the 8 videos every 2 weeks, rhythm, like I just said. Don't upload them all. Like, suddenly, you publish 4 videos in one day, and then you're, like, silent for a whole week or silent for 2 weeks or whatever.
So that's that's the main thing. So you'll you'll notice that on my channel, if you look at my videos, I try to I try to have several per week, but Usually, very rarely do I have 2 the same day. Sometimes there's something urgent I wanna put up even for my clients or something, and I might upload 2 videos in one day. But But usually, it's like, you know, one video every couple of days, one video every other day or sometimes one a day. But that's better for for the rhythm for your subscribers to to to see that you have new content.
So hope this helps.


How often is too much content? (click here)

However -- for YouTube, if you have multiple videos to upload, it's better to schedule the publishing of a videoΒ up to once a day rather than publishing multiple videos on a day, then going silent for days or weeks...Β 

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Last updated 27 Feb 2024.