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The experience of uploading first YT video and finding flow for regular creating - Shoubhik's example

Hi, Shovic. It's good to have you here. Go ahead and share what's on your mind. Oh, do I need to repeat that statement? Because I'm better on camera, I think.
Go ahead. No. Joking. Yeah. No.
Yeah. It does create emotional turbulence or turmoil when George ignores me, but I think that was So yeah, George. So on a serious note, I try to be serious, and I can't usually I'm usually way lighter. But YouTube. Right?
Yesterday, I had the the courage the courage of conviction was way more than my fear of being bullied, harassed, shamed, or humiliated in public on YouTube or abused, whatever. And I took that step that first step of faith. I recorded on my Windows 10 laptop, a a very old one. I shared it with a few folks on the Slack channel, and they really felt one of them at least. Like, it was very, very compelling, honest, deeply vulnerable, like and I was all I was doing was showing up.
I thought I'll do 10 minutes that went to 19 or 20. And the thing is I'm feeling so happy that it's giving me, like, 100 ideas every millisecond literally for the future ones, and it's and I stopped myself for 5 years. You know, when people have been prodding me to share and publish the blogging, podcasting or YouTube. So now I want to figure out a way and, you know, maybe you and all my beautiful community members. My brothers and sisters here can share their ideas too over the period.
But how do I make the process effortless for me so that, you know, the, quote unquote, admin stuff don't get in the way of Yeah. Me producing from who I am at the core. So Yeah. I I I so appreciate well, first of all, I wanna congratulate you on on on uploading and being willing to share boner bully and and being real because I mean, you you've just men you just mentioned one of the top you know, proven, quote unquote strategies. Like, you didn't even need to learn it.
You just realized, okay. If I'm if I'm really real with people, and willing to go deep or to be courageous and share, that's probably gonna be interesting for others. You know, it's interesting for me. It's deeply interesting for me. It's probably gonna be interesting for others as well.
Number 1. Yeah. Number right? And and number 2, you shared it with, I'm assuming people that you felt safe obviously, sharing it with because uploading to YouTube is a scary thing. It's it's out in the world where who knows who the who who might find it and and see it and comment on it.
Positive or negatively. And so you shared it right away with a safe group, and that's a very smart thing to do. Because you are getting initial positive support right away. So that's very smart as well. And to answer your question, about, you know, sort of, like, doing it in a in a flow.
We'll talk more about this, but basically, I encourage you try to find time space that you can be consistent making it because then it becomes a habit. Like, for example, when I was making my 100 my first hundred videos, I said, alright. I'm gonna do it at the dog park because I gotta walk my dog every day. That was a that was a must. It's not an optional to walk my dog.
And I have to walk my dog everyday. So I might as well anchor this new habit of YouTube creation to an existing habit. Try to do that if you can. So so, you know, I have to walk my dogs. I might as well make the video while I'm at the park.
It's a nice looking and Back then, I felt like I had to make it nice looking now. I'm boring because I have a bit of an audience now so I can be lazy and boring. But but but but yeah. I mean, definitely nice looking background does get more views in towards the beginning, you know, if if you care about that. But time and place, okay, to make it and the easiest way you can to upload it.
It might be through through your phone. You can upload it directly through the YouTube app. The YouTube app itself allows you to upload or YouTube Studio app or if it's more convenient free to BI your computer uploader that way or make the video there, then great. Like these days, what's easy for me is I make a Facebook live video And then and then I turn around and make an Instagram live video right afterwards. The Facebook live stems my perfectionism.
Because otherwise, if I'm recording without being live, For me, I know myself. Oh my god. No. It's good. Good.
No. Take 2. I said that. No. Take 3.
Oh my god. What did I just say? Take 4? I'll do too many takes and makes me go crazy. So for me, I know not it's not true for everybody, but I get crazy.
I get impatient even after 3 or 4 takes. I'm like, forget this. I'm not doing this anymore. But for some of you much more patient, you're willing to do 5, 6, 8 takes and not go crazy. That's fine.
Great. Great for you. But for me, I have to do a Facebook live on a Friday afternoon where, like, most of my week is gone. I feel more relaxed. It's good.
I know. Okay. I'm not gonna end my week without making a video. Make a video right now. So if Friday, for me, these days, it's at my office Friday afternoon, record Facebook live no matter how it turns out, that goes on YouTube.
Right? So anyway, Shavic, thank you for for being here, for sharing, and yeah. Thank you. So is would it be okay if I I share that I mean, it's still on a Dropbox. It's I have not uploaded on the Fresh Channel.
Got it. Okay. Yeah. But I I think you should go ahead and post it on YouTube. And have your have your supporters go there and and give you a give you a love, give you a, you know, some a commenter or or something.
I think that's that's us. Yeah. Okay. And would you like me to share with this group as well? Oh, oh, I mean, well yeah.
Below this video, once you uploaded YouTube, Oh, okay. You could you could put the link below. Yeah. Oh, one tiny thing, last thing, George, for the admin stuff. So do you have this as a different Gmail account?
Like, it's YouTube is owned by Google. So should I link it with my existing Gmail account, which is literally a million emails on it? Doesn't doesn't matter if you need a a good question, actually. I don't know if you can change Gmail accounts later. That's an interesting I don't know about that.
Please, somebody who knows, comment below. But Yeah. I would say go with one that you're gonna go forever. Like, okay. This is gonna be the email address connected to my YouTube account forever.
Probably safest. Yeah. Thank you. I appreciate that. I'm still shivering, by the way.
It has been scary, and, you know, I'm still yeah. You're you're speaking to an experience that probably all of us have. So I appreciate you mentioning I mean, making a video sharing it Yeah. It's not it's not it's not natural for most of us. So thank you.
Thank thank you. Thank you very much, everyone. Thank you.

Here is Shoubhik's first ever YouTube video!

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Last updated 22 Jan 2024.