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Inspiring examples of progress... part 1!

Time to celebrate some progress. I've really encouraged any of you who are watching this and who have been taking this course, you're applying some of this stuff, you've been uploading YouTube videos, and it's time to celebrate progress. So I really encourage you to chat below, comment below this video, and share with us one example of a success thus far that you are proud of, that you're happy with, maybe that you're surprised by. Now, a success doesn't mean George. I I uploaded the video as a beginner, and I got 10,000,000 views.
Right? That's not what I'm talking about. Maybe you're you're happy that you got 10 views. Maybe that surprised you. Or maybe maybe you were surprised like Simon Berkowitz.
I'll put the link below. He uploaded video and within 4 days because I I looked I saw it within 4 days. He had gotten over 2000 views on that video, and it was not edited. As far as I could tell, it wasn't edited or if if I remember correctly. It wasn't edited.
There was no video logo in the beginning. There was nothing except he just started recording and started talking. And 4 days later, 3 or 4 days later, 2000 views. Again, I'll I'll put the link below this video for you to see it. That's one of our one of our members here in in the course.
And I'm like, yeah. Exactly. When you upload things that people are looking for and when you say things in a way that is helpful to them, inspiring for them, surprising for them, shocking for them or or otherwise, that's something that, you know anyway, mostly what people are looking for. Then it's like, oh, well, we shouldn't be surprised that you get a lot of views. 2000 views is more views than I get on my videos, and I'm getting regular leads through YouTube with just videos of a 100 plus views.
You know? So share with us your successes. It doesn't have to be a large number. Something that you're surprised by, something that you're so grateful for something that's motivating you to continue. So feel free to give us the link below, and I will also share if you if you look below this video in the supplemental video section, I will also share any additional surprising or interesting success stories that might inspire you to continue on from here.

Share your experiences of YT "success" thus far... however you define it, whatever is motivating you!

As I see your comments below, I'll add some of them here as examples...Β 

  • Jill B -- "I’ve hit 1.1K views on my channel overall since the start of this program!"
  • Simon Berkowitz -- 2k views within 5 days of uploading this video
  • MaraΒ Clear Spring Cook -- "I have 14 vids up now, and spontaneous positive feedback, and I even received a client booking."Β 
  • Shoubhik Purkayastha:
    • 1st video: 637 views in 33 days + tons of Heart-wrenching comments/ emails/ texts -- powerful healing in me (Unanticipated - seeing the healing in others)...
    • 2nd video: 127 views in 5 days --> massively SURPRISED at the deep connection.. and how they are watching multiple times to go deeper.Β 
  • See other examples from your fellow classmates in the comments below!Β 

Not from this course but other examples I discovered recently:

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Last updated 27 Feb 2024.