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Alright. So let's talk about YouTube podcasts. Yes. This is a brand new tool as of this recording. It's YouTube podcasts is less than a year old.
And I have a link below this video to a longer video where I analyzed what is the use of YouTube podcasts and how to create one. It's as of this time, I'll just give you the shortcut of it, which is YouTube podcast is not a podcasting host podcast hosting service. It doesn't host your audio files for distribution to Apple Podcasts, Spotify, you know, pock Pocket Cast, etcetera, etcetera. YouTube Podcasts is actually more of a distribution platform for your existing podcast that you host on other podcast hosting services such as, you know, whatever whatever the podcast hosting services are such as Substack. That's where I host my podcast as of this recording, and Libsyn and other places.
So it's more of a dis distributing your existing podcast into YouTube music, YouTube podcast as a its own podcast distribution network. However, they also make it easy for you to turn any of your YouTube playlists. So you know how we talk about YouTube playlists since the beginning of the course. You can turn any YouTube playlist into a podcast with just a few clicks. Well, into a YouTube podcast with just a few clicks.
But that playlist that's turned into a YouTube pod podcast from YouTube videos isn't distributed to Apple, isn't distributed to Spotify or elsewhere. So it's a really confusing thing. They call it YouTube podcast because it's not it's not a podcast hosting service. It's just distributing a podcast or a YouTube playlist into the YouTube podcast ecosystem. So anyway, like I said, I'll give you a link below this video to further details.
I share my screen and all that stuff, but generally, it's not as exciting as it sounds yet. Now as it changes in the future, maybe it will be more. But anyway, check out be sure to check out your interest in podcast and podcasting. Be sure to check out the video below. And if you have any other tips, any other news that you wanna share or any other any, you know, success you've had or lessons learned from from working with YouTube Podcasts?
Of course, feel free to comment below. Thanks.

What are the pros & cons of YouTube Podcasts -- a new tool that makes it easy to distribute your audio podcasts or YT playlists onto YT Music/Podcast platform.Β 

And how to set up a YT Playlist as a Podcast?

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Last updated 19 Mar 2024.