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πŸ€” Concerned about judgment from potential clients?

A natural reaction you may have when you're thinking about uploading YouTube videos is what if I am not pleasant or impressive enough to my potential clients who will find my YouTube videos. Maybe my website's pretty good. I don't know if you have a website or not, but maybe something else they find on online is pretty good or they heard good things about me or whatever. And then I'm concerned they come to my YouTube, they watch my videos, and they're like, yeah, I'm not I'm not into this person. This person I don't know what doesn't seem credible or I don't like their energy or if you know what?
Congratulations. That's exactly what a video should do. If someone watches you on video, oh, okay. Assuming that you are practicing being authentic, expressing your energy signature, it's gonna take time, it's gonna take practice, to become more authentically you on video, but the more you're authentically you and the more a potential client goes I like your website or I heard good things about you, but yeah, I don't think I'm into your energy. Wonderful.
That means they're not a potential client. You see what I mean? They're not an ideal client. Video, anything that's multimedia, the the the more they see of your energy signature The more it's a filter, it filters out the people who really I mean, gosh, if they don't like you on video, how much less are they gonna like you on Zoom? Or you know what I mean?
Like, come on. If they like you on video, great. They're gonna enjoy your your presence. So video is definitely much more of a filtering device than a website. Because a website, everyone can make a look website look good.
Everyone's website look the same. Not everyone's, but so many healers websites look the same. I'm like, oh, yeah. I just you you can tell. It's just templated.
You know? It's like everyone's all healers look like websites look the All consultants look like look the same. All life. To to me, I've seen so many. I'm like, yeah, I can it's like, you you know, they all look the same.
They just had different colors and different placements, but it all has the same feel to me. Like, this niche has a feel like this. Everyone can make their website look good. But on video, now that is a filtering device. Right?
People have frequently gone to my website. They probably don't like my web my website kinda sucks. And they watch me on video. And they're like, hey, this guy is pretty cool. Or they watch me on video and it's like, yeah, I don't like the guy.
Good. Either way, good. You see? So so please lean in to judgment. You actually want more judgment.
Right? The judgment of you as oh, I like this person. Oh, I somehow I feel resonant towards them versus Yeah. Not not not doing it for me. Good.
Right? What's not good is the people who pretend to be something on video, to try to attract other peep to try to attract everybody, And then when people start working with them, they're disappointed. Or they're like, you're not the same on video as you are when I work with you. You see? That's not good because what's the point, you know, you want they want to be famous?
Okay, fine. But it's it's gonna be disappointing to their clients, customers, you know, members, students, what have you. So I hope this is helpful.
Last updated 13 Feb 2024.