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How many low-view videos before you say "I gotta change something..."?

Interesting question here. How many videos, George? Do we need to keep making and noticing that we're not getting traction before we say something's gotta change? It's a good question because the answer is not 1, certainly. Meaning, if you make one video and you upload it, George, see, I didn't get any views from my one video uploader.
I'm like, No. Please go back to module 1. Right? That's not the right number. 10 isn't even necessarily the right number.
Because like George, I uploaded 10 videos already. I'm I'm not famous yet nor did I have I gotten a single client inquiry. Something must be wrong. No. Go back to module number 1.
Okay. We talked about this. Now, George, do I have to upload a 100? I mean, module number 1, you told us to upload a 100 videos before before you would talk to us. That seems kinda strict or unrealistic.
I'm an expectation. Say, okay. I get it. Yeah. It's not the purpose of the hundred video challenge is to make you stop questioning yourself.
Right? To say, well, it's not working yet. It's not working yet. No. Even the best the very best creators say, no.
You a 100 before you even start thinking about whether it's working or not. A 100 videos. Before you start thinking about whether it's not. I mean, that's a bit extreme of a teaching. I would say, 50.
Okay. 50. So what I mean by that is probably the first twenty videos you're just experimenting I mean, you're just figuring out how to click upload. You're figuring out where your camera is, and you're figuring out what you what you're gonna say. And, like, Wendy, should you start talking after you press your I mean, figuring so much out in the first 20 to 30 videos, but I want you to keep uploading.
Right? Because you're figuring that out too, like, oh, well, And who knows? I mean, remember, I showed you one of the sample videos of an old man's advice where he's like, Oh, why is there a cloud above my head? And he started video. Right?
He started recording. So why is there a cloud above my let me figure out how to turn that off. I mean, literally, like I told you, you don't Stop. You don't prevent yourself from uploading when you're still trying to figure things out. You upload an old woman's advice.
You know? Like, what? Do I start talking already? Is anyone there? Hello?
Oh, this is a solo video. Hello, everybody. No. I mean, you you you you upload while you're still figuring stuff out. You have to do all that.
Okay? Remember Old man's advice, the guy who started and didn't even know how to turn off the cloud above his head, has 25,000,000 views on that video. If he had a Clifia were had a client business, he would have clients for 10 lifetimes. Right? So So you just start uploading.
1st 2030, you're just trying to figure out stuff. Right? You're you're figuring out along with no one's watching good. Good thing no one's watching, but if good in the future when you're famous, people are gonna go back and go, my god. Isn't that amazing that, you know, they were still figuring out how to how to click go or how to talk to people, how to talk.
Right? You're still learning the language, the English language, the, you know, the German language, whatever language you're using. So, really, the first 20 to 30, you're just learning how to hawk and how to do anything, how to be on camera without being completely fuzzy or whatever. You know how you Oh, you realize your mic was on the other side of the room for the first twenty videos and whatever, you know? And then and then the next 20 to 30 videos.
You're like, okay. Now I, like, know where my mic is. I know I mean, I'm being a big big exaggeration. You probably figure it out in the first three videos, but whatever. You you know, the next batch of videos, the next 20 or 30, you're like improving a little bit along the way.
So, alright. Now, I'm gonna start improving, you know, just like, you know, Mister Beast told us, improve a little bit for every video. Right? And so by the time you get to, like, 50 videos, you figured out how to you know, your process for recording, and you happen to making little improvements along the way, then we should talk. Mister B says, don't talk to don't even try talking to an expert until 100.
I'm gonna be lax with you and say, you can talk to me after 50 videos. Okay? Because if after 50 videos, you are like not getting any views. And by the way, you've been promoting your videos off of YouTube, you're promoting them on Facebook or wherever you are on. And you're still not seeing much growth at all after 50 videos, then I'll say, alright.
Let's talk because I wanna see what you're doing. I wanna see your stats. I wanna see how you're promoting it. I wanna see what the topics are. I wanna see your analytics.
Because some of those have a bump. You don't even realize there's a There's a, oh, there's a, you know, retention graphs or the topics or the search terms or whatever. That's when I wanna talk with you. How when when George do how much do you charge? What?
You can't afford me one to one. Sorry. But we can talk on a group q and a call. So come to my group q and a calls. And, you know, you you bought this course and you have group q and a's for, like, 2 months or whatever.
Whatever I promised when you bought it. So and you buy another course of mine. You get another 2 months of group q and a. So come to my q and a calls into George. Can I ask you to look at my analytics and look at my YouTube channel and what should I do next?
What what what do you recommend? That's great. I would love to do that with you. So, anyway, get going. Are you at 50 yet?
And if somebody if you have more than 50, like George, I I have uploaded 300. Which you've tagged in the link doc. Yes. 1 to the q and a's. Right?
And I'd love to workshop your channel with you.


What’s the threshold # of videos before we say “we gotta change what we’re doing, something’s not working?”


I would want to talk with someone after they've done 50 videos to help them assess the direction they should go in, based on the data of those videos.

The first videos you upload (maybe 20 or so) are just practicing getting into the groove, e.g. getting the audio and lighting right, looking into the camera lens, getting less anxious talking to the camera, etc... while also trying to say something interesting...

Then maybe videos # 21-50 are higher quality than the first batch, and you promoted it outside of Youtube. We can look at those analytics -- it'll signal what the audience seems to be suggesting in terms of their desired direction for your videos.

So, come to my Q&A calls and let's look at your videos and stats together.

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Last updated 27 Feb 2024.