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Should you wait to have bigger audience before using the Research tab?

Okay. So you might be one ringing. George, I have a new channel, I have few viewers, should I wait before I review the research tab? No. Don't wait because Well, assuming that your few viewers are relevant, maybe you gotta say, you started your channel.
You're like, hey, best friend. Hey, cousin, when you come and just give you some views, then you're gonna be seeing the research tab from your best friend and your cousins' YouTube interest, and that might throw you off. However, please do come to your research tab and see if it seems to make sense. Right? Like like, Like for me, if I just see mindfulness meditation, I'm like, that's not relevant for my mindful politics, right, channel.
But if I see perspective on politics, more of a this is why I hearted those 2 because now I'm like, okay. That makes sense. Those are actually makes sense to my channel. Topic. So do go and check it out and check it out, you know, on a regular like a monthly basis to see how it changes for sure.
So definitely go and play with it.

No, don't wait.

If you've had a few dozen viewers of your videos already (not subscribers, merely viewers), that may be enough data to get you some relevant keywords!

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Last updated 5 Mar 2024.