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YT Descriptions & Hyperlinks (clickable links)

Alright. How do you put hyperlinks into your YouTube description? And even sometimes the hyperlinks look really be cool. Like, YouTube turns it into some kind of icon. Let me show you.
So let's use this video as an example. So edit your video. So go to your video. Click edit underneath the video. And I'll show you I'll show you what this looks like.
So you could see this video this video when you look at the description, it has no links. Number 1, it has no links. And it has some links. So therefore, again, obviously, nothing's clickable. When I click on edit the video underneath it, if I put something like this.
Let me let me show you example. If I put, I'm gonna give you several examples. Okay? Okay. Alright.
And then I'm gonna paste in a bunch of a bunch of stuff here. Okay? I'm gonna give you another example. I'm gonna I'm gonna do this Okay. I'm gonna do an Instagram one without the WW and Instagram one with the httpscolon//www.
Okay. This one has no w w w. This one does and I have another George Cow 1 down here. Links, I'm gonna click save. Let's go and view the video and what that looks like.
Okay. So it's still loading. Takes long time. Okay. Alright.
Check this out. This is great great examples. Okay? Remember, I put without www? It's not hyperlinked.
Can't click on it. I put www. Doesn't matter. Can't click on it. You have to put HTTP or httpscolon///.
Right? What whatever the URL. Right? The URL starts with http colon slash slash or usually it starts with httpscolon slash slash these days. And then WWW is not needed, but you could put WWW just for looks.
Usually, just put whatever whatever your website is. Okay? So these are not linked, but this one you can click on it and it goes out to wherever. Okay. And check these out.
Remember, I gave it I gave it the link to one of my YouTube playlists, the best of my videos. This was a this is a YouTube playlist link. Check it out. It puts it as a nice YouTube icon and, like, thing there. So it looks nice.
I also gave it remember, I gave it or I'll I'll show you. I gave it instagramdot comstockgeocal, it does not link it. It does not link it because it doesn't have httpscolon//lash. Okay? It doesn't link it.
But if you do http colon/// you are, it will make it look cool like that. And you can click on it. People can click on it. It'll go to my Instagram profile. Same thing with in LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, and maybe other ones like threads, you know, may maybe there are other ones.
And please comment below if you know of other ones that they will make look cool as a hyperlink. But I know these for sure. Now, this was not a great example because I actually don't want links on this video. It's because this is one of my spiritual videos, not one of my business videos. So, I'm not really, at this time, trying to build a business with my spiritual stuff.
So this is more for, like, additional insight into what George Cal thinks. So I'm not gonna I'm not gonna put links here. So if you go to this video, I'm gonna click save. There won't be links underneath this video. But other videos, my my my business videos, will have my links as you'll see.
When you go to my channel and go to my business type videos. So anyway, I hope this is helpful. And if you have any other tips or others, with YouTube descriptions, hyperlinking, that kind of stuff, please feel free. Comment below. Thanks.

Add hyperlinks to YT descriptions? They seem to automatically turn normal links of -- YT videos, playlists, channels, and the major social links -- into hyperlinks.

See example under this video.

Last updated 27 Feb 2024.