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(Optional) "Routines are soul crushing!"

So I've said in this course that I really recommend that you get into a routine of making your videos consistent time and place, but I know a lot of us creative people bind or have this, shall I say, limiting belief, that routines our soul crushing. Routines do not help creativity. Routines, we we're trying to get out of routines, so it could be more creative and more, you know, expansive and all that stuff. Routines are contracting or something like that. Right?
And I will just please give me 3 minutes if I can do this in 3 minutes. I will try to time myself. Let me give you a metaphor for how to think about routines, okay, and structure. Okay? Is this?
Your soul is still connected by a silver this is a metaphor, and somebody you believe this literally, and that's great too. Whatever. Whatever works for you. Right? Your soul, your eternal soul, your your soul is eternal, and as unlimited creativity, and you have many lifetimes to live and all that all that good stuff.
And imagine that your your your body, your your like ego is still connected to your eternal soul by the silver cord behind your head, or was it in the front chest? I forgot where it is. I've never seen it myself. And and and because it's still your body, your ego still connected to the eternal soul, you have this illusion that there should be no structure because you should have unlimited time, unlimited energy, unlimited opportunities, You know? And so therefore, you your ego, your your untrained ego, hate structure.
Because the more spiritual you are, the more you have this intuition that there shouldn't be time limitations and energy limitations. Because, actually, it's that's true with a capital t and reality with a capital r. There there are no limitations of time and energy. But here in this 3rd dimensional earth's game or school slash game or playing this game where for some reason we gave our gave ourselves this limitation of time and energy. And you've got to play the game with full intention.
You can't you can't go, I avoid the game for 85 years and then I died. I hope you don't. I hope you say, there's a I signed up for this game. This is such a precious game. 85 years is nothing.
Compared to the eternity in my soul. So let me just play this game well. It's kind of like, you know, the old gays. You know, I I put I put a quarter into the arcade. I'm like, I got 3 minutes.
People are waiting on me. Got 3 minutes to play this game. Right? You got 85 years. You got a 120 years.
You got 45 years. However long you end up living in this in this one life. Make the structure count, man. Make the limitations like let it empower you. And you've noticed also, right?
When you have when you or some authority figure has placed off limitations on you and structure on you, you were often able to thrive. You were often able to buy deadlines. Right, due dates, deadlines, go, oh my god, I couldn't have done that without the due date, without the deadline. I hated writing papers all throughout college. But without the deadlines, I would have never written a paper because I hated writing papers.
But I wrote a bunch of papers. Right? And without due dates in my business, I could never have launched any thing or uploaded any videos or anything like that to give myself routines, deadline structure. That's how I see routines. They're not so crushing.
Well, okay. Let me say, They are as soul crushing as you being in this soul gym and not realizing, oh my god, I'm in a gym and why am I holding this damn weight here? And let myself be crushed by it. Right? No.
And you're supposed to push against the weights. You're supposed to push against The structure let the structure be like a way to grow your muscles. We're in the soul gym here. This is the soul gym. And then after the gym, you can go back to your eternal life of no weights.
Right? Everything's too easy over there. So that's a metaphor. So so the more of a hippie you are, the more of a creative you are, the more you have this intuition that there should not be limitations. But you signed up for this.
So fully go into this and say let me create the structures because I know the structures is what liberates my soul in this lifetime to be truly creative. The canvas allows the painter. To really be creative. So I have this helpful.
Last updated 27 Feb 2024.