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What's the value of going viral on YouTube?

What's the value of going viral on YouTube? I, for example, have had some of my videos go viral and basically there's 2 benefits to it. Oh, maybe 3 benefits. Okay. One is that as your video starts going viral, you should join the YouTube partner program right away, which is the way to earn money from just having your YouTube videos go viral.
For example, one of my videos, it was about I made a video really for my clients. It was really intended for my clients. I made a video about Zoom, how to use Zoom, and I uploaded it in 2017. Okay? And nothing happened.
I mean, my clients watched it and a few dozen or few hundred people watched it. That was fine. And then the pandemic happened. 2020. And then suddenly my video started going viral.
So 3 years after which is shocking to me because it's a tech tutorial, which is very it goes outdated pretty quickly, but people didn't care. People still overlooked the some of the features that were different now, and they just still wanted to watch the video. So 3 years after I recorded a a very non evergreen tech tutorial video, it went viral. It started getting tens of thousands of views and then hundreds of thousands of views. And then once across the million view threshold, I said, maybe I should do something about this.
I wish I thought about it earlier, but only after 1,000,000 views. I'm like, I heard people can make money on YouTube. Is that a thing? So I I joined the YouTube partner program and clicked on please start my please start the ads on my YouTube video. My goodness.
And I started mon what's called monetizing YouTube. I gave you a lesson earlier in this course about how to turn that on. And so starting about after a 1000000 views, it started being monetized. And then at this point, it has 2,900,000 views. So it's almost 2,000,000 views, and I've earned about $20,000 from YouTube based on that.
That one video that one video has YouTube. Google has sent me about 20,000 US dollars for that one video. And I've earned a couple $1,000 on other videos, that have gone semi viral, tens of thousands of views. So, yeah, every couple tens of thousands of views, you'll earn a couple dozen dollars. So you might as well turn that turn that monetization thing on and you'll earn a couple dozen bucks every now and then.
So that's one there was one benefit is, depends on how many viral videos you get. You you could earn a couple dozen dollars, a couple $100 maybe. Nowadays, I regularly earn about $150 off of YouTube every single month. Every month, YouTube just sends me $150. Just on various, I have dozens of videos being monetized already that are showing ads and, you know, bunch of them are tech tutorials, whatever.
Like I said, I'm not trying to build a business off it except I got a $150 a month. So one is possible money from YouTube. 2nd is that a bunch of your viral videos are gonna be watched by random people. They're not your ideal clients. But, of course, up in a bunch of random people who happen to watch your videos, some of them are gonna like your energy.
Okay. A bunch of random people who watch your videos, some of them are gonna like your energy, k, and keep watching more of your videos. So that's good. That's good. And then some of those people who like your energy will actually be your potential clients.
And then, of course, some of those people who are potential clients are your ideal clients. So it's not that, oh my god. I have 2, 3,000,000 views, George. That must mean you've got 3,000,000 inquiries for your services. Well, yeah, if I was a Zoom expert, I may have gotten a lot more clients at this point at being a Zoom expert, but that's not what I want.
That's not what I enjoy doing. I could have probably built a nice business around it. But I wanted I wanna enjoy talking to people about spirituality and stuff like that. Things that no one wants to pay me for. Anyway, so but but but yeah.
But some of those Zoom people ended up looking at my other stuff because they were right for my services. And then some of them ended up inquiring and and hiring me and buying my other courses. So that's the second major benefit of going viral is, of course, you're gonna get some client inquiries from that. Not most of the viewers, but some of them. And then the third benefit of going viral is, well, I guess encouragement encouragement, and and kind of like bragging rights, which is not nothing which is not nothing because you can you can say put on your social media, hey.
You you've seen this on social media. You know, YouTube, 20,000 subscribers, 20 k subscribers or whatever. And social proof is basically what it is. People go, oh, well, you've gotten so many subscribers on YouTube. You must you must know something.
You must have something important to say. So anyway so I hope this is helpful. If you have any any other thoughts about what makes, what's the benefit of going viral, please comment below. Thanks.
Last updated 25 Mar 2024.