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YouTube regularly features "small" creators -- so keep creating to increase your chances!

As a regular viewer of YouTube. I don't know how many of you raise your hand if you're live here, watch YouTube videos regularly. Okay? Alright. As a regular YouTube viewer, you will know you will notice something interesting.
For the regular viewers, they are starting to not starting. It's been actually maybe over a year even. They are featuring small creators in front of us so that we can support them. And I wanna show you some real life examples. I took the following screenshots today.
Okay? So let me go ahead and share with you my screen here. Okay. So this is one screenshot of me loading up my YouTube and what did I see? Okay.
You've got 64,000 views, which Believe it or not, that's actually considered a small small small number of views on YouTube and a small medium number of views. But That's not what I'm talking about here. This is 3,100,000. That's obviously a very popular video and being featured to me because I I watched some health related videos on YouTube. I love near death experience video so that that gets featured first there.
Vivek, I'm wrong. Okay. Please do not judge my politics, and I won't judge yours. The VAC happens to be one of the most successful YouTubers in terms of politicians today. So it's very interesting to kind of watch us during on YouTube.
Obviously, now I'm I'm justifying why these are being suggested to me. Alright. Let me move on. I wanna show you. Okay?
81 views. Not okay. Hold on. Not 81,000, not 81,000, not even 810, which is already more than most of us. AT 1 views is being put here compared to 2.6000000, 31,230, TED Talk.
You know? So so this is happening to me. Every single time I load YouTube, I see one of the videos that's getting featured to me is like, under a 100 views. Sometimes it's even under 50 views. And you'll start noticing that too when you watch YouTube regularly.
They don't do this until you're a regular viewer. For for people who only once in a while go to YouTube, they still feature like the the the biggest, biggest videos. Because they're like, oh, I wanna we wanna keep you here. But for those of those of us who view regularly, they're like, they'll they'll toss in a small creator for us as support. And so it's pretty cool.
It's pretty cool that they do that. Here's another example. You know, 600,000 Nobel Prize Tom Bill Yu, as a very famous guy. RB Markers, another famous YouTuber. This one's 29,000 AI because I watch a bunch of AI type videos about AI.
And then this one, look, 79 views. 79 views. Right? I don't know who this is. I I I don't know who this is.
And I don't know who this is. So they're just kinda like testing to be, hey. Here's a small creator you might wanna support. So isn't amazing. So your video too That's my point.
Your video will also eventually be featured to other regular YouTube viewers, and they might discover you that way. So and and and this one, I didn't get a screenshot before I excitedly clicked on it. And why? I was the first view I was the first view of this video. It was part of my featured one, and they didn't have comments yet, so I made a comment.
And guess what? The reason I'm so excited is because Elena is someone I've known for years, and she is actually a student in this course So, yeah, you later. So anyway, I wanted to show you that. So I wanted to just encourage you that even if you feel like invisible on YouTube, keep uploading videos, your video is gonna be featured in front of many, many regular viewers on YouTube as well. So enjoy that surprise exposure.

Real examples (taken via screenshot today) --

Screenshot 2024-01-15 at 1.49.51β€―PM

Screenshot 2024-01-15 at 1.56.13β€―PM

And this one I didn't get a screenshot before excitedly clicking on it to like and comment...Β 

Screenshot 2024-01-14 at 7.23.34β€―PM

...this is fromΒ Elena Foucher one of our course participants!

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Last updated 22 Jan 2024.