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Thanks for taking the IG Course 🫰 Parting words of encouragement...

Well, this brings us to the end of the Instagram course, but it's really I hope this is like an ongoing course that you keep coming back to and having discussions underneath the various lessons. I'm so grateful, that you were here, and I'm super grateful for my friend Sean who's said yes to doing this. And I feel like this course is way better than my previous version of Instagram course and maybe way better than many of my other courses. Sean, thank you. Thank you.
Thank you for your your support and your, guidance and recommendations and everything, your energy. Anything you wanna say about how this experience has been for you or any any parting words of encouragement for the for the students? Yeah. I'll do both. First of all, it's been it was just great to partner with you.
I feel like we we didn't need any all we could've done was q and a, and it would have been fantastic and super fun. It's nice to partner with someone. Like, I have sort of been phoning the I've been phoning it in a lot. And so collaborating with somebody, which is one of the great benefits of Instagram, allows me to have this new opportunity and this new, like, experience, and and I it's been really great. So thank you for trusting me and and doing this with me.
And I think that the only thing I wanna lead people with is, like, don't feel overwhelmed. Try try not to feel don't feel overwhelmed. Try not to feel overwhelmed. You don't have to do everything that we're telling you to do. Just like 2 or 3 little tweaks is gonna is gonna make a huge difference long term.
It's like that that it that, you know, a small all, like, one degree of rudder change on a sailboat brings you to a different country, right, over time. And so we're not we're not trying to speedboat because then you're, like, you're going left and right. You're all you're zigzagging all over the place. Just small little tweaks, little upgrades to your workflow it's gonna make a huge difference in the long run in the long run. Right?
5, 10 years. Yeah. Absolutely. That's how that's how long we've been doing it. That's how long we hope you keep going and and see your audience your true audience grow over time.
So thank you all so much. Thank you, Sean. Yeah. Thanks, George. Thank you.


May this course be an ongoing source of learning and encouragement for your IG journey!

In the spirit of spiral learning, maybe it's time to start again at the top of the course.Β  Look through the lessons to see which ones you'd like to revisit.Β  Study and implement.

And en-joy :)

Last updated 13 May 2024.