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"I'm not naturally an IG user... can I still build an IG following and help my business?"

What if you're not naturally an Instagram user? Can you still take this course and build an Instagram audience and make sales through Instagram and all the good stuff that comes with audience building? Absolutely. Yes. And why do I say that?
Because you're looking at a non Instagram user right here. I never find myself randomly scrolling Instagram. I never I only go there because I'm a creator and I'm posting stuff and I'm responding to people who comment sometimes and direct message me. I am not an Instagram user. Now I had to learn how to do it.
Just the things like what's a story and what are those circles at the top? Oh, those are stories or, oh, how do I pause this? Just the stuff I teach you in this course, I had to learn it so that I can use it as a creator and as a salesperson, as a as a business owner, not as a regular user. So don't I know some of you watching this think that's crazy making because you you're a regular Instagram user. That's why you fell in love with the platform and that's why you wanna create on it.
But I promise you there are plenty of us who are nonusers who are happy to use it to to reach people who are users like you. Okay? So if you run an ad on Instagram, I probably will never see it because I don't scroll Instagram. I might change my opinion a little bit now that Sean oh, well, okay. I think I'm gonna put this module or put this lesson at the very top of the course, to encourage people to to to keep taking this course.
But Sean is, actually an Instagram user. I mean, he's very experienced, and he also is obviously an Instagram creator and built an audience of 250,000 people and makes lots of sales. But, anyway, you know, he has inspired me to kinda use Instagram for the purpose of finding collaborators, the purpose of connecting with colleagues because that's an that's a proven way to grow your following, not just on Instagram, but elsewhere. Right? Because I might find a colleague who has a bigger Instagram followership than me, but they might not have, a YouTube audience like I I do, or they might not have a Facebook audience like I do, or they might not be as savvy with certain things like I am, and I can benefit them by helping them with that other thing when they can help me with Instagram growth or something like that, like promoting my thing.
So I think connecting with colleagues is a bona fide authentically effective way of being an Instagram user, but that's a very focused way of doing it. I might do it again. I might do it something like an hour a week at the most. Like, look for colleagues, connect with, you know, see what they're up to, comment on their thing or direct message them, maybe do an Instagram live with them. But I'm not an Instagram user.
So I hope this is I I serve Facebook more than I serve in way more. I mean, I don't serve Instagram, period. I serve in case you're curious what I do, I serve Facebook. I surf I surf Twitter. I surf Reddit sometimes, and that's about it.
And I surf, you know, the whatever Google Google News mentions on my phone or whatever. So, yes, you can, like I like I have, built a Instagram following of almost 10,000 people. I make lots of sales through Instagram. I promote my things through Instagram. I have a big following on this I mean, a loyal following on Instagram.
I post my things there all the time, but I don't use it. So I hope this is helpful.


How do I know?

Because that describes me :)

Last updated 14 May 2024.