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How to share someone's IG story (@mention them!) and appreciate someone who shared yours 😊

This is how I reshare Instagram stories, especially when people mention me. I like to, reshare it to thank them and and further, you know, promote whatever it is they they shared of mine. So let me go to Instagram app, and I will show you. I just got some and there's Sean. Yay.
So let me go to the notifications. I'm a click notifications on the the heart symbol on the top right. Okay. Now I'm in notifications, and it says mentions. 10 stories mention you.
Right? And so that's where, I usually go to reshare stories because, of course, I I wanna prioritize resharing the stories of people who are mentioning me and promoting whatever I I'm I'm doing here. So I'm gonna click on where it says 10 stories mentioned to you. You could you could try this on your own. Now if you haven't gotten any mentions yet, you could just keep building your Instagram moddings.
You will be getting mentions at some point, hopefully soon. So I'm gonna click 10 stories mentioned to you. I'm gonna click on that circle there. And, basically, here's here's I'm gonna pause right now and just show you. Here's, what is it?
Compa comp comp comp has composh content. Okay. One story, second story. There's oh, basically, composh content shared my entire slideshow. And, and thank you.
And I I usually yeah. That's that's it. That was that was one person who shared my carousel post from today. And what I usually do is I actually go to their profile and and look at, look at who they are. If they've been sharing my stuff, commenting my stuff, I I usually follow them back to just kind of appreciate them and, have a chance to see them in my feed.
And, if if this person is someone who I think my audience might be interested to to to to learn about, then I'm much more likely to share their stories. And if I by the way, if I can't find that the fact that they mentioned these for some reason, like, it's remember, this is my notification. It says 10 stories mentioned you. When I go away let's say I I quit my Instagram. Okay?
I quit my Instagram. If I go back, maybe it's still there, but sometimes it's it's gone already. Let's see. Okay. It's still there.
It says now it says 4 stories mentioned. You see? They've already removed 6 of them. So to find it again, I usually go to my my, my direct messages. So I click on my direct messages, that circle, that's 6.
However many direct messages I have. I click on the direct messages, DMs, and, what happens is, it's usually either in general or in requests. Okay. Message request. Sorry.
Request is on the top on the right side. If if I'm not following someone yet, right, they're following me. I'm not following them. Sometimes their mentions of me and their direct messages to me end up in request area. So I I sometimes check that.
Alright? And sometimes it's even in hidden requests, which are unfortunately when people have clicked spam or, like, block or hide someone, a lot of their DMs end up in the hidden request area. So, let's hope yours doesn't. Right? But let but in this case, I I just you saw me.
I just followed comp Compash content, and so they're probably in general. General is where, okay. It's not here. That's interesting. Okay.
Sometimes it's there. Sometimes it's not. To to ensure that the the story ends up in the in the DMs, right, in the DMs so that I can easily find it again in the future, I the story isn't available. See, it's already gone. See, Instagram is so they they it's so scarcity based.
Right? Like, they, like, move they, like, make things I'm gonna show you again. If I go back to Instagram, now it's probably completely gone. See? It's gone.
I can't even see it again. So so what you should do next time, right, you should go I'm gonna go and find this person, Compash. Thankfully, we Compash. Oops. Compash content.
Right. There it is. Okay. Next time someone mentions you in a story and you wanna, like, make sure you don't miss it what is this? Oh my god.
The the the picture is the picture is a little, little a little too a little too sexy for me. No. And I'll just say I'll send the d you see it you see at the bottom is a send message? I'll send a message, and I'll say thank you so much. Thank you so much or whatever you wanna say.
Thank you so much. I I click send. Okay? Now that I've sent the message, now even if Instagram removes it from my notifications as as you've already seen, it's already gone. Right?
I can go to my direct messages. And again, oh, there it is. It's because I sent the message, it shows up in the primary it's primary folder for me. Instagram says, well, you sent a message. You started the conversation, so they must be important, I guess, to you.
Right? When I click on the message I sent to them, you see their story is attached. So it's easy for me to go back there if I wanna reshare it. Right? In this case, I actually, want to show you another one that I promised I would I would share.
Then, Natasha, thank you. See, she posted something last night, and I messaged her right away to say thank you. I'm gonna be resharing this tomorrow. And so it makes it easy for me. I can click on the image right there.
It says you replied. You see? It says re reply to their story. I can click there, and it goes right back to the story that they shared. And Natasha says, hey.
I'm in this class. Right? And this helped me even in the 1st few days. And then Natasha also shared this of mine. So I just wanna thank Natasha for this.
And it's easy for me to reshare this. Actually, you know what? It's so funny. Usually, oftentimes okay. I'll tell you I'll tell you what.
Natasha didn't mention me in this story. All she share all she did was she shared one of my posts. Let me let me explain. Let's say I went to Natasha's profile. Right?
And I and I clicked on the share button, this little, underneath her post. Right? Beginner's guide your first counseling session. There's a there's a little, like, paper paper airplane icon. Well, looks like an arrow, but it's actually paper airplane.
If I click on the paper airplane icon next to the heart, the comment icon, and the that's a paper airplane. I'm gonna click on that. It says I can add to story. Right? On the bottom left corner, it says add to story.
If I do that, see, it looks like this. I'm not actually, manually mentioning her account, but it'll save in her notifications that George mentioned you. I didn't really mention her. I just shared her story. But you see her her account username is on the bottom left of her story there, and it it Instagram will say that I mentioned her, but I didn't.
If I really wanna mention her, I actually have to say, you know, I actually have to click on the AA button on the top left, right, on top of the screen, AA button, and I have to do at Natasha I I don't even know. Is it therapy biz therapy biz? Therapy therapy biz. Shoot. There it is.
Therapybiz mentor. Right? There there's her picture on the bottom left. If I do that, then that is actually mentioning her, and it makes it ease easier for her to reshare reshare that extra story. I'll show you what I mean, if I do that.
Or the other way to mention someone to make it easier for them to reshare is click on the stickers. See the top of the screen. Right? There's a little sticker icon next to a a. I click on oops.
I click on the sticker icon and then I can click on the at mention. You see that the second option there in the middle? I click on at mention. And at mention, it'll say, hey. Which of these people on the bottom do you wanna at mention, or do you wanna type it yourself?
And so I can click on or I can type it. Let's see. I'm gonna mention, I don't know. I'm gonna mention, I'm gonna mention, let's say I'm gonna mention Sean, but, but he wasn't suggested there. I would type in the love drive, and I have to wait until the love drive shows up as a suggestion.
I would click on that. Right? Either mentioning it this way or using text button to to mention someone will make it easier for them to reshare it. Okay. I'm I'm gonna not share this one right now, but I'm gonna go back to, gonna go back to the thing I wanted to share.
So, see, there if if she had mentioned me, there would be a button on the bottom center that says add to your own store add to your story. There's no button there because she didn't manually mention me, but I can still reshare this easily to my stories by clicking on the, on the icon on the bottom right. That's the paper airplane icon. So I'm gonna go and click on that. And you see on the bottom, it says share on the bottom left.
Right? I'm gonna click share. I'm really, really hoping this allows me to share to my stories. Oh, man. Okay.
See? This is this is a problem. Okay. So quick share is not what you think it is. Quick share is like whoops.
Let me move that Zoom thing. Quick share is about sharing it with people. I think people nearby devices, something like that. So so you see, I can't share this I can't I can't add this to my story. I click on the 3 dots on the top.
Three dots on the top. There's no way to add this to my stories easily. If I click on the paper airplane icon, like I said, I can share it to individuals. I can share it with the love drive individually or or, Shikaa individually or Art of Biz individually by clicking these buttons. Right?
I can share it with them, send separately, like, as a DM, but that's kinda weird. I mean, right, it's like, but I wanna share it to all of my followers. I can't do that because at the bottom, there's no option for that. I can keep scrolling, and there's no option. There's a share link, and the share link is really weird because it's like, do I wanna share it on Telegram or on on private, on WhatsApp or Gmail?
Like, there's no and I can copy the link, which is weird because how do I share a link on a story unless I create a story that has a, you know, click this link thing, which is so it's just not so in other you know, again, I wanna share this, but I can't. Right? So Natasha is probably watching this right now and go, dawg. I should have done that. So in other words, whenever you whenever you you are sharing someone's stuff, you should go the extra mile and add an at mention about them.
And like I said, I wanna I wanna show this again. View profile. So I'm gonna share Natasha's story. She's very generous to share mine. So I'm gonna I'm gonna put the paper I airplane icon here, and at the bottom left that says, add to story.
Okay. And then, when I do this by the way, if I tap the screen, if I tap the screen once k. Sorry. You can't see my screen. I tap the screen once, you see a different format comes up.
All I did was tap the screen once. Now it shows her account on the top and it shows the caption of this post on the bottom. I'm gonna tap it again once. Okay. And it goes back to this format.
So there's 2 different formats for how you want to share someone's story. Okay. Just so you know. If I double tap, is there anything no. It's just tap, one tap, one tap to toggle these.
But I could also zoom in. I can also pinch using my fingers. Click on it, I can tap tap the screen like this and I can zoom out, if I want to make it bigger, right? If I want to make it bigger or make it smaller for some reason or I can move it around. Use my 2 fingers or use my one finger.
Even one finger and I can move I can move it around the screen. Okay? So anyway, I'm gonna just center it. I'm gonna make it, centered. There you go.
Center. You can see the lines on the on the top, and this then the lines on the left and right is very faint lines. And you want to center it and I'm gonna say, I'm gonna say, and I can write stuff. I can write stuff before I to be at, therapy, right, and then therapy biz mentor. There's a lot of therapy.
Click on it. And then once I click on the suggestion, it's underlined. That means I'm definitely gonna be mentioning her. So, anyway, I'm gonna I'm gonna write something for real here. Therapy Therapy Biz Mentor.
K. It's one of my one of the the students in my my IG course. Great to see her starting to post more content. Go and check out her account. K.
And then I'm gonna I'm gonna move this a little bit lower just so that it gives it more space, a little bit more spaciousness on on the screen. Okay. And then and then once I'm done, you see the bottom left says your story, and that's how I share a story, do it like this. Okay? That's it.
Now I've shared the story. So, let me let me go back to, compassion is see, when I click on the story here, again, there is no add to story on the bottom center. You don't it's sorry. It's invisible. I wish I could show you something that has an add to story button right now.
I'm gonna have to wait for someone to mention me again, then I can see it. But, if I click on the paper airplane icon again, there's no way to add it to my story easily. So what I could what I could do is add a story that says thanks, Compassionate content or something. But now that I've promoted, Compassionate content so much in this segment, I think that's that's probably it's probably good enough for now. But I anyway, I hope this is helpful, and thank you for watching.
Any any other tips for sharing, resharing stories from, others mentioning you or or mentioning others in stories, you can go ahead and comment below. Thanks.

Why you might want to share other people's IG posts as part of your Stories:

  1. It shows your audience that you're a curator of interesting content!
  2. Some of your audience might start interesting conversations with you in DM's.
  3. It creates gratitude for the person whose post you're sharing.
  4. Potentially creates a new connection / nurtures connection with that person.

You can easily share someone else's IG post as one of your Stories by doing this:

  1. Just below the post you want to share, there's a paper-airplane icon -- click on it
  2. Then at the bottom of the screen click "Add to story"
  3. Be sure to add an @mention of their username, so that (if they want to) it's easy for them to reshare your share :)

Any other tips about sharing people's stories, comment below πŸ™πŸΌ

Last updated 4 Apr 2024.