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Lyndsey @ The Soft Anchors
Therapeutic Somatic Coaching
I Help Autistic + Adhd Women Who Mask Come Home to Themselves Away from Societal Gaze.

I love to help neurodivergent women who mask and please explore the connection to themselves in order to better meet their own needs for increased fulfilment and well-being, whether that's their creative/other goals, while also managing themselves in relation to others, whether that's romantic, in a work setting or socially in general.
I'm starting out from the very beginning with audience-building. I have a new online coaching practice I'm looking to develop and also establish other offerings online.
I'm an expressive art facilitator online too, as this is a great way for creative/visual neurodivergent women to get into the body if the mind-body connection is still developing for them and somatics (being with feelings and sensations) feels challenging. Although there's no right way to do somatics or expressive art, I'd like to reassure you that you can't get it wrong. I offer a compassionate, loving, nurturing space for neurodivergent women to feel into what's true for them in their experiene and how they'd like to move forward into their ideal future, working with any emotional blocks that may arise.
In addition to bullet journalling again for my own autism/adhd, I'm currently learning about polyvagal theory from the autism perspective and have recently started a Feldenkrais movement habit to incrementally improve my own mind-body connection.
I'd love to meet others for potential collabs. If you feel your audience might comprise some neurodivergent women who might benefit from 1:1 coaching or think I can help your clients with something you currently don't/wouldn't want to serve, I might make a good guest. Similarly if you're autistic and/or adhd, or even if you suspect you are, and would like to talk about how being in conscious choice about masking and pleasing has helped you either romantically, in business/at work/socially in some way or what barriers emotionally or systemically exist as a challenge to this, I might make an aligned host for you perhaps? This isn't exhaustive, I'm also open to your ideas for collabs. I'm ready and happy to meet and receive you:)



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