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How to find the profiles of your fellow students

When you take my courses, 1 of the most valuable and fun aspects is meeting other students because these are kids spirits. I mean, the fact that you are part of my audience means that you have a certain value set and you share that with the others. Who are in the course. So I think it's great for you to take a look at your fellow students and see if you wanna connect, reach out to them. So let me show you how to easily find other students in the course.
So whenever you're under any of my lessons, in the comments area, you will notice that people. Hopefully, they have a little picture of themselves, but at least their name. And sometimes, they they mention other people as well. You could basically find their profiles either by click on their picture, for example, Helen here. Right?
You can see about a little bit about Helen. Or you can click when when Helen or somebody else has add mentioned somebody else, you can click on the add mentioned. Go ahead and give it a try. And now you're able to see Patty's information here. So, anyway, enjoy the connections that you make in the course.
Visit people's profiles, and I look forward to seeing how this helps you in your growth in your authentic business and joyful productivity.
Last updated 9 Jan 2023.


Thank you George. I found it very difficult to upload a good picture and kept having to resize it....and in the end, chose a mini image!
The lovely photo of Helen on your guide there, looks totally different in orientation that Simplero (my end) seems to allow. Her photo is large whereas in general, the profile pics are mini! But at least we can have an idea of someones smile!

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Reply 11 months ago
Judy Solomon

I can't wait to connect with many of the amazing people that you have gathers in your programsΒ @George KaoΒ 

What a blessing!

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Looking forward to connecting! Nice to meet you all ;>

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