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I love creating yoga and meditation programs to help people know and care for themselves exquisitely and efficiently. My ideal client is someone who has knowingly embarked on or continues on the path of self-knowledge and suspects that mastery arises from curiosity and presence and is not imposed. I have created group and personal programs in person and via webcam since 2006 (2010 online). I retired as a Paramedic in a high-volume system about 9 years ago to focus on what I do, and I have a full client roster, which is very fulfilling and satisfying and generates a decent income. I'm increasingly aware of how many more people really would benefit from the deep principles of yoga movement, breath, and attention to relieve pain, increase energy and clarity, and bring more joy into their lives. When I don't have room for a client, I want to have a program to direct them to, a library that can serve long after I am available.

Last year I invested (time and money) in a platform to support doing this in an integrated fashion and got some of the marketing building blocks in place. My YouTube strategy isn't working, and I know the content is good, so I was going to hire a YT SEO expert when this course came up. I'd always rather know something about what I'm hiring for, and who knows? Maybe I'll end the course having done some good myself -that is my intention. I love collaboration with other pros who are passionate about their work, and I'd love to interview you if you are either someone with a personal, home yoga practice or if you've wondered whether there's more to this yoga thing than going to classes and would like to try it out. Have a different idea? Check my socials, see if you vibe, and then email me with your idea!ย 

I love Kao's courses because he evinces the clarity and focus in business that I aspire to. He is both a "forest" and "the trees" person in his business. I'm very good with seeing the forest for others regarding movement, breath, and attention and working on the type of clarity I see in George for my own business.ย 


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