Judy Solomon

About Judy

Hello everyone, my name is Judy Yodit Solomon

I am from Eritrea, raised in Sweden and living in Copenhagen, Denmark since 1994.

I have been a certified sound healer/ therapist since 2010 and I love, love, love to

heal people using my natural voice.

Like many healers, my personal path to the purposeful work I do now was the result of a traumatic childhood. I specialize in helping people to up-level their primary vibration by healing what’s holding them back from achieving their goals. I do this using a powerful healing modality called The Soul Voice® Method.

Even Though I love to help everybody, I prefer to work with business owners, coaches, therapists…and help them heal their childhood traumas, heal their money wounds, help them get better sleep, grow their businesses and liberate their voices.

What I love most is to do 1:1 sessions and to facilitate live workshops and my goal is to help people reduce stress, anxiety, anger and trauma, as well as to make sound healing therapy recognized and accessible to anyone who may experience a need.

I do not have many clients at the moment, but I am looking forward to creating amazing programs and products, so that I can share my gifts with those who need my help.

Happy to be here