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Fill out your profile so we can learn about you & your work 🙌🏾

Hi there. So I've noticed that a lot of you who comment in the course platform don't have your profile picture. And some do. So you might be wondering how do you get your profile picture in there because it is it does feel warmer when there is a profile picture. But not only that, when you click through to a profile picture, let's try headers for example, you see their profile Right?
With, I mean, with their profile information, including if they wanna reveal email address, that's optional. I'll show you later how you can either reveal it or hide it. Website, Facebook, Twitter again, anything you want to put in, or at least these 2 fields are available if you want to. Time zone. It just, you know, in case you want to know whether you might wanna get together with someone and and, you know, easier for the for the same time zone.
And then a couple paragraphs on, of course, your your picture profile picture is on the right hand side. And a couple paragraphs about you, you can write as little or much as you want. And then the badges kinda happen automatically as you engage more with the with the program. You'll you'll start sometimes getting a badge or 2. And then your own posts and comments and replies are also on your own profile that you can that you'll be able to find.
You know, others who come to your profile can only access your replies and comments if you and they aren't part of the same course. So any any comments that they don't have access to in terms of the course they don't have access to will be hidden. So anyway, let's find out how to do this. So let's say you are in 1 of my lessons, right, or anywhere on my website, actually. If you scroll to the very top and click on yourself, on the or an empty image up here on the top right, you can then go to your profile if you want to, but if you go there to your profile, you probably see that it's empty and how do you fill it out.
I've asked simplicity to please please put an edit link in here, but, you know, I just asked than today, so it'll it'll take a little while to get to it. But click on your picture or your the top right circle, and then click on your account Okay. Let me move my thing over here. And then click on profile on the left hand side. And then here is where you can scroll down and and upload your profile photo and add a couple paragraphs about you.
Whatever you wanna tell us is is helpful. You can even make it, you know, something's bolded, tall size, and you can play around with this tool bar, by the way. You can even insert images within your profile bio if you wanted to. These are these links are all optional. You could put whatever you want in here.
And further up, I wanna show you when you your email address, of course, is already in there. You can choose to to reveal or hide your email address depending on how you want, how easily you want your fellow course platform people to reach you. So that's up to you. Check it if you do wanna reveal it. And then after all that, click save changes at the bottom.
So I look forward to seeing your profile.

Click here to edit your profile

Your classmates look forward to learning about you!

Some things you might want to include in your profile:

  1. A link to your website

  2. A link to a social media page/profile where you’re most active

  3. A brief description of your ideal client (or whatever you would guess about them at this stage)... 

  4. A brief description of the work you most love to do for/with your ideal client, i.e. your product/service… 

  5. How long you’ve been in business / how developed it is… 

  6. Where your growth edge currently is in business… and what area, skill, or habit  you’re leaning/growing into next… (this helps to humanize your intro, and not make it sound like a sales pitch!) 

  7. What kind of connections you’re looking for in this course community, e.g. study buddies (on what topic?), potential collaborations (any ideas?), etc.

  8. Any other personal details that are important for us to know about you?

Here again is the link to fill out your profile.

Last updated 9 Jan 2023.


Hello George 

My issue with this is that you say fill in your preferred social media channel on your profile.  When I went there there were only two options available - FB and twitter.  Personally I spend more time on LinkedIn and Instagram but there's nowhere to add those in.

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George Kao

@Kate Griffiths great point!   I've submitted the feature request to Simplero and you can vote it up if you'd like--

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Judy Solomon

@Kate Griffiths I am having the same problem as you.

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Thanks for the orientation, @George Kao - really helpful!

I noticed that too @Kate Griffiths - but found I could add my Instagram and YouTube URLs into my profile box. Not ideal, but a useful workaround!

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