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Ways I dislike -- and ways I like -- for you to ask me questions ๐Ÿ˜…



Hi, George Cow here, and thank you for being part of my courses. I look forward to supporting you in growing your authentic business. Now, I wanna tell you how I can best support you with questions and answers. I know a lot of you watching this have questions for me and you wanna ask me about various kinds of marketing topics or or business or productivity topics. So as a solar panel, I do have a few very part time assistance.
But on the most for the most part, I do just about everything in my business myself. So I need to keep good boundaries, healthy boundaries, that allowed me to remain joyfully productive in my business. So thank you for your understanding and when I keep good boundaries with how often I can respond to your questions. But let me tell you the ways I really dislike people asking me questions. And the ways that I most enjoy people asking the question.
So let's start with the dislikes. Social media, private messaging, is not appropriate to ask me questions about the content of my courses such as, George, I'm taking this course and you talk about this concept or George, can you give me feedback on that? Please do not use social media private messaging. Like, don't send me a private Facebook message. Or a private Instagram message or direct message or, like, LinkedIn private message or any other private social media messaging.
I mean, if you have a really quick question about something logistical like, okay, does your course start this date or that date, you know, that kind of thing, it's fairly easy, but still private messaging through social media is harder for me to keep track of than email. Email is a bit more preferable But again, if you send me email, I prefer it to be more logistical type questions like you're trying to enroll in the course or program and you have a question about something about it. But in terms of the content types of questions, like, you're taking this course or that course from me, or you have a question about marketing or business or productivity, etcetera, especially regarding your own business. I wouldn't prefer email and definitely not social media private messaging. I would prefer email, but I would prefer if you can come to 1 of my q and a calls.
That's my favorite place. To take your questions. And you have 2 choices. 1 is either you're in my current client group like ABC or Mastercard or you're not in my group. And so let me talk to you those of you most of you aren't in my client group.
So let me explain. If you're not in my client group, I have a monthly q and a call that you can come assuming you recently enrolled in 1 of my courses. If you enrolled in the course, you have access for 2 months to my monthly q and a calls. Every time you enroll in a course, you get another you know, you get 2 months from that enrollment date. To join my q and a calls.
Let me go ahead and show you where to find that info. So if you go to george cal dot com slash QA. Okay. Storage cloud dot com slash QA. That will land you here.
And if you within the past 2 months enrolled in 1 of my courses. So basically, every time you, you know, just take any of my courses, you know. Every time you take 1, you have 2 months the clock starts in in for the next 2 months, you have access to the q and a's. So click here, and that should bring you to the place where you can sign up. Yep.
Like here, you can sign up for the for the queue and you can see how many spots are left and sign up. And the the the times in your time zone, okay, are shown here. Be sure to check your time zone first so that these will these times will show up correctly. You can just sign it for 1 of them. Yeah.
I actually prefer if you just sign it for 1 of them. And and then, you know, once you sign up, you'll you'll have a place where you can ask where you can post your questions. And then besides so that's the people who are not in my client groups. So those who are my client groups, you know, you can you have 3 q and a calls with me per week. Right?
At least 222 to 3 q and a calls. Per week, every week with me. So it's plenty of time that we can talk. If you're not in my client group and you would like an answer sooner, than the next monthly q and a call. The option is to post your question underneath a particular lesson.
Of a course you're taking from me. So for example, let's say you are taking my my biz plan course, which I highly recommend to to all of you. Because it's like my most foundation course. And let's say you're in you're in this particular lesson and you want to ask me a question about something I talked about, go to that lesson scroll all the way down to where you can post a question, and that's where you can post it. So find so in other words, find the correct course that you want to ask a ask me a question about.
So let's say you wanna ask me about, I don't know, video creation or something like that. And then you find the correct module about it. Okay? Or or or lesson about it. And then you scroll down I'm sorry.
Scroll all the way down and then you this is where you ask me questions and I will do my best to reply. Usually, I can reply within 3 days, but sometimes, you know, during certain launches, I'm particularly busy and it might take me a little bit longer. But like I said, the most reliable way come to my q and a calls, if you can't wait, put it underneath the lesson and I will do my best to respond as soon as I can. Again, I have to keep healthy pongers for for, you know, maintaining, you know, maintaining my business and maintaining good relationship my audience and my clients. So thank you for your patience, and I look forward to responding to you as soon as I can.
So thank you so much. And by the way, if you have any questions about how to ask questions, you can comment below this lesson. Thanks.

Thank you for engaging with my courses!ย ย 

I truly am grateful to be able to support you, my students and clients, in growing your authentic business.

Itโ€™s what I love doing the most. ๐Ÿค—

At the same time, since I'm (mostly) a solopreneur, I also need to keep healthy boundaries with those I'm supporting... so I hope you will keep these in mind...ย 

Ways I dislike getting questions:

  • Social media private messaging -- whether it's FB messaging, IG dm's, Twitter, LinkedIn etc... I really dislike getting questions through those channels because it's hard to organize messages in those places.ย  Kindly refrain from asking me questions via social media direct messages.

  • Email -- I don't mind getting questions via email if it's enrollment-related: something you need to clarify before signing up for my courses or programs. If it's questions related to the content of my courses, e.g. concepts, exercises, feedback requests etc, please use one of the following methods...

Ways I invite you to submit questions:

  1. Q&A calls -- this is my favorite way to engage with you and take your questions!ย  There, you can ask me anything ๐Ÿค—

    Even if youโ€™re not clear about your question, coming to the call will likely give you inspiration and ideas! You can then ask me about specific concepts, or how to apply them to your business.

    We can troubleshoot what's not working, or address specific challenges you're having.

    You can also seek my feedback about anything including your strategy, website, content, offers, or anything else.

    Click here: George Kao Q&A Calls.

  2. Comments under Lessons -- if you can't come to my Q&A calls or would love to get an answer sooner, find the course (George Kao Courses) related to the topic of your question. Go there, find the related lesson, and then comment underneath. This keeps the Q&A focused on a specific topic. I'll do my best to respond to your question within a few days.

  3. Members of ABC/MasterHeart -- I'd love for you to post your questions in our private forum, so that you can receive responses from other members. Your questions will also help me prepare for the next ABC Q&A calls. Even if you can't post your questions, you can still come to the Q&A calls and ask directly.

Thank you for understanding.

As business owners / service providers we each need to find a way to keep healthy boundaries in our work! I hope this page/video gives you some ideas for how to maintain a good relationship with your audience as well. ๐Ÿ™๐Ÿผ๐Ÿ˜Š

Last updated 9 Jan 2023.
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Heather Lakatos

This is a great idea George - I'm going to put this clarification of boundaries topic on my list for future implementationย 

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Reply 3 months ago
Heather Tobin

Boundaries are vital to our success and sanity as solo-preneurs!!ย  I hope other people take your example and see how they can implement in their own work!

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โค๏ธ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ™ 3
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Reply 3 months ago

I'm a social media butterfly and I'm really glad you told me not to reach you via social media haha. Talk to you soon George.ย 

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I made a mistake booking for my second Q&A (included in course), I did not read it well (sorry), it was for a day and time in the middle of the night here in WET... can I change it to another day? Or where do I put this request elsewhere? eg email?? Thanks in advance!

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Do we have to sign up before attending a Q&A call or is there a link where we can just attend, like when we're in a 9month course?

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George Kao

@Angie Evans great to see you here ๐Ÿค— and yes, the monthly Q&A call does require signing up each time, but hopefully if your info is stored in AcuityScheduling it'll be a few easy clicks.ย  Sign up here:

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