Dave Hill Jr.

About Dave

I'm a Musical Healer and Executive Coach (certified with ICF)

I coach the whole person with my whole heart by compassionately making my clients uncomfortable to create the change they desire. I always value the client's day one gifts, abilities and talents that have helped them arrive at this juncture. 

I'm a former VP of Marketing and Sales for two music technology startups (iZotope and Ableton). I found coaching after it found me as a burned out successful executive who felt like a failure. I have transformed my own life and now give back by coaching and healing myself and others with the power of music. 

I trained for 3+ years at Integral Coaching Canada and also years of self-study and other courses. I recently completed the Your Big Voice master coaching program with the Brother's Koren. 

I'm also a singer/songwriter, drummer, dad, and husband living in the Pacific Northwest. 

My musical projects are listed under my name Dave Hill Jr. and brainboxing