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What's Claude Ai?

We've all heard of chat, GPT. Some of us have not yet heard or haven't used Claude AI. I'm gonna do a couple segments here about Cloud, but I'm just gonna first mention what is Cloud AI. It is, at this time, the best competitor to chat you I actually find myself enjoying my conversations with Claude even more than my conversations with Chad GBT, and I'll tell you why. At this time, it feels to me that Claude's responses are ironically more human.
It sounds more right to me. Whereas the chat GPT is more analytical and I feel like I'm talking to a a very smart intern, which is true. With Claude, it feels more like a buddy to me. And so this is why I have been doing more personal journaling with Claude than with CHAT GPT. And I've also anyway, I'll I'll talk about in the upcoming segment segments what I use cloud for, but I I recommend that you give it a try.
Now one issue right now with plot at this time is that it's not an it's not available in in as many countries as Chat Chippity. Claud doesn't have this hasn't had as many resources as OpenAI, although that that might change very quickly. Nowadays, And and so what if right now I'm in Mexico. And so I wanted to sign up. Claude has a free version and has a pro version.
Maybe the free version isn't even available in some countries. So tip, you can use VPN. VPN to to log in to the United States and then sign up for Claude. And then I think after you sign up for Claude using VPN, in the US than whatever country you're in, even without VPN. I think it will work.
I'm not sure. But what I had to do was I already had Claude from the US before I moved to Mexico. But I wanted to sign up for Cloud Pro. Cloud Pro is not available in Mexico, so I had to use VPN to sign up for Cloud Pro in the US And then now without VPN, I can still use CloudPro in Mexico. So just the sign up process, I think, requires VPN.
So give it a try and let me know what you think. Of course, we're gonna have several segments coming up about what Claude is useful for. So you might wanna look at those segments and comment under the appropriate one. I look forward to our collective learning together.

Claude is an AI chatbot developed by Anthropic, a startup founded by former OpenAI executives. Currently it's the most advanced rival to ChatGPT.

Sign up for a free account (or login to your existing account) at:

Next few lessons we'll talk about the best uses for Claude!

Last updated 22 Nov 2023.