Chantal McIntyre

About Chantal

Hi there!  I'm a former Head of HR and Organizational/Leadership Development and left my "Corporate" job 3 years ago to become a solopreneur❣️ I am on a HUGE learning curve when it comes to sales and marketing! Going from the "routine" of Corporate structure to managing my time (super grateful that Joyful Productivity is included with Soul Gym!) and variety of projects/clients has been challenging as well as learning how to create content/videos and new programs for my clients.  YIKES, all the things! 

Ideal clients for me are Leaders in Corporate and Business owners/CEO's. I'm REALLY passionate about my mission to bring heart centred conscious leadership into business as a path to transformation so we can develop more ethical leaders who will prioritize the balance of people, the planet and profit (in that order!).   I have a BIG dream that "someday" all corporate structures will become places for self fulfillment where people can lead balanced and lit up lives and contribute their full potential :-) with nothing held back every day so that they don't have to choose between success at work and a high qualify of life! 

I'm originally from the small island of Cape Breton, Nova Scoita and I currently live in Goderich, Ontario, Canada.  My 3 kids are all grown up now so I get to work/travel to warm and sunny places from January to April every year because I despise Canadian winters and love that I have location freedom and am no longer tied to a desk!