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      Soul Gym Circles- what are they?
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What are Soul Gym Circles? πŸ”΄πŸ”΅πŸŸ’πŸŸ‘

I am so happy to introduce to you Seoul Jin circles. Below this video, you will find the link for where to sign up for them. But what are soldiers circle? So this is where you go and get supportive feedback about your content from other dedicated authentic content creators, the kinds of people that I people like you, that I draw into my energy signature, the the sort of the value set that we share here of authenticity and generosity caring. And a better world.
And so, Belgium Circle, you sign up. Okay? And then when you enter the circle, you if it's if it's your turn, okay, you get between 10 to 20 minutes of feedback on either a piece of writing that you care about, that you would like to improve, or a video. That you are curious how it lands for people or any other type of content. It could even be a particular page on your website you want to Simplero.
Really the sky's the limit. You know, you've got 10 to 20 minutes when it's your turn to to get thoughtful wise feedback from other creators of of a similar value set to you on how you can how you can improve and by doing this on a regular basis because you don't usually get this kind of feedback. I mean, you might post things on social media and you can kind of general feedback. Oh, that was great or or whatever. But to actually get, like, you know, feedback on certain sections and how can you improve the effectiveness of how you write or the effectiveness of your videos is is very valuable.
So go and sign up And depending on how how many people are, what we're gonna try to do is to keep the circles small enough where Everyone gets feedback. At least every 3 to 4 weeks, you're going to have a turn. You know, may sometimes you get it more often than that. But even once every month, if you get a turn, you're getting better thoughtful feedback about your content than most content creators are when they only get the generic social media comments. You're gonna also get your own social media comments.
But the the idea is once you get this kind of thoughtful creator, you know, fellow creator feedback, your content's gonna get better and better and better and better month by month. Which, of course, gets you even more social media engagement and and comments and feedback there. So and it's and these circles are facilitated by Soul Jim helpers, and they are paid a stipend for facilitating these circles. And so I I really look forward to having you sign up experience it. If you have any questions about the circles, do comment below.
But the circles will continue to innovate and improve over time. So when you go to the sign up page, you will see the description for what circles are available, and please go ahead and give it a try. Really. You won't know what it's like until you experience it. And by the way, of course, it's a circle.
It's a community. It's Simplero group. Of people who are there for one another, and it's it's gonna be a different makeup of members for each circle. So that's important for to clarify. It's not that you're joining a particular team that's the same forever.
No. You get different feed different people will be there every time. So that means you get different kinds of feedback, which is really really great. But everyone is part of Solgium, which has a particular set of values of caring and connection and collaboration. So I think you're gonna be among people that you really enjoy.
And look forward to to to seeing who's gonna be there each time and and to also providing that kind of caring supportive feedback for others as well. Because by giving feedback, you learn every single time when you get feedback. Right? Because you're you're putting on this lens of critique, loving thoughtful critique, and that kind of critique gives you, you know, that kind of insight about what about my own Right? So every time you get a boutique, you always ask, you know, what how does this apply to my own as well?
And if it does apply, well, let me let me make some some adjustments to my content going forward. So enjoy the Soul gym circles if you have any questions about the circles or any feedback about how the goals can improve, go ahead and comment below. Thanks. Go ahead and sign up for the circles using the link below. Give it a try.

Dear Soul Gym Members,

The Helpers and I are excited to announce a big improvement to our program. We believe it can help you to continually uplevel the engagement-value of your content:

Soul Gym Circles

Imagine bringing your content into a small group of kindred spirits – fellow Soul Gym members – who will offer you the supportive/helpful critique that you request.Β 

  • What aspect of your writing is landing (or not?) How might your writing be improved?

  • Or if you make videos – what aspects of your video were especially good (that would be good for you to keep doing)... and, what simple changes might you experiment with, to improve the engagement value of your videos?

Over time, this kind of peer mentoring will continually make you a better and better creator.Β 

How? By learning from the supportive feedback on your content, of course… but just as importantly, you’ll be studying others’ content to observe what you might emulate, or otherwise do differently in your own style.Β 

This will result in your ability to produce higher quality content. And you’ll see it in the new level of engagement that you get!

By participating, you’ll have fresh motivation and accountability to create consistently. Sign up for an upcoming Circle, with the intention to bring a piece of new content for feedback! Your buddies will be looking forward to supporting you to keep growing.

How to participate?

  1. Sign up for a circle –Β (bookmark that link and set a reminder for yourself to check every week!)

  2. The zoom link for the call will be in the email confirmation you receive upon registration.

  3. You'll get about 15-20 minutes to read/share a link to your content (including things like written pieces, videos, your About page, a sales page and so on).

  4. We will get to as many feedback requests per session as we have time for.

    • How to know if you’ll be picked to share your content for feedback?

      Always come prepared with a piece for review!

      If you’d like extra feedback from the rest of the community, post it in our Forum as others may also comment.

    • At this time, given limited Helper resources, you are allowed to share once every 3-4 weeks (regardless of which call you’re on), unless there are no other members in attendance who need to share their work for feedback.

  5. When it’s others’ turn on the call, provide gentle, kind, and helpful feedback as you can. By providing feedback, you also learn about your preferences and what ways of creation you’d like to emphasize (or distinguish yourself from others’ style).

If you have any questions about how this all works, comment below.

We really look forward to hearing how this helps your content creation growth going forward!

–George Kao, Heather Tobin and the Soul Gym Helpers

Last updated 3 Oct 2023.