Colleen Adrian

About Colleen


I'm a connected parenting coach for parents of sensitive spirited kids and teens. In particular, I work with a lot of parents whose sensitive kids are anxious, lacking self-confidence, have intense emotions and/or outbursts. I help parents learn gentle practices for building a strong, respectful relationship and leaving behind authoritarian methods that break the connection. 

I also work with parents to help them learn practices for managing their own emotional triggers (when they get triggered by their kids)--so they can cultivate the capacity to stay calmer and more grounded.

In 2023 I'll be doing more training as a somatic practitioner, and I'll be working more with parents to do somatic healing work--helping them gain skills for regulating their nervous system.

I'm a Mom of a 19yo and stepmom to a 33yo. I live with my husband, younger son, and our cat Rhubarb.

I offer 1:1 coaching, online courses, speak at preschools and family centres. My most popular course is How to Help Your Child Calm and Regulate.

I've written a book called Freeing Your Child From Self-Criticism and Perfectionism.

I love: healthy and nourishing food, time with family and friends, time in nature, creating.