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FB has the most daily users of any social media



The obligatory segment in the in the beginning of any Facebook ad scores is to talk about how big Facebook is. And I think many of you know this, but it is interesting when you start seeing some of the data. So let's go ahead. I'm gonna go and share my screen now and we'll look at these notes here. Alright?
So Facebook has by far the biggest user base. And this this data is actually like as of this recording, at this data, it's like 2 years old. I think this is the 20 21 data, yeah, October 21 data. But I couldn't find a newer data set, which I think Wikipedia, you can trust it. It's going to have more or less than the newest data.
So look at this. Of all the social media platforms in the world, Facebook has by far the largest. I I didn't even know it was almost 3000000000. I knew it was surpassing 2 and a half billion, but my gosh, almost well, by this point, now it's 2 years later, it's it's probably 3000000000 by now. And and in terms of daily daily, this is this blows my mind.
This is monthly active users, like people who log in and use the platform at least once a month. This is people who use it every single day. And that's at least that's by this point, at least 2000000000 people. Now compare that to YouTube, which has 2 and a half monthly active users. And people would even question whether this is called social media or not.
Right? But, anyway, it's a content platform. What's app, which is now owned by Facebook or owned by Meta, I should say, people question whether it's social media. It's more like personal messaging and a little bit of group messaging. But in terms of getting your content out to the most numbers of people possible, Facebook is is by far, and of course, Instagram too, which is owned by meta.
These 2 are by far the easiest ways to get your message out to the most numbers of people. TikTok, you know, to be honest, I I haven't used TikTok or I I'd used TikTok. I used it as a marketer a little bit. And it just makes me real nervous how much China controls TikTok. And just I kinda don't wanna support that.
That's my excuse also because I'm not that entertaining in in under 1 or 3 or even, you know, 6 minutes or whatever the the limit is. I'm not that entertaining. I can't dance. So let's see what else do we what what other options do we have besides Facebook and Instagram? Let's keep going.
Right? Yes. YouTube, but YouTube ads are much harder to to to get right than Facebook and Instagram ads, which is why I'm glad you are in this course. But what what others yeah. If if you're not entertaining, that entertaining sorry, TikTok's not gonna work well for you, especially if you're not that entertaining to teenagers because they are the gatekeepers at TikTok, which then determines whether you think it's seen by a lot more people.
I'm not that entertaining to to teenagers. WeChat is really more of a personal messaging. My, you know, my mom and dad use WeChat, you know, you know, really 8 Asian countries more or less. LinkedIn 900000000 Certainly, I have a whole course on LinkedIn. I agree with that.
That's really the next platform. So really, we're talking in terms of getting your content out to the most numbers of people easily. It's Facebook ads, Instagram ads, and LinkedIn ads. It's really those those those 3 options What other options do you have? I mean, let's keep going.
Right? What are the options do you have? What? Snapchat? Are you kidding me?
Not really. Not anymore. Do you know anyone who uses Snapchat regularly? I don't. Right?
What else do we want? Pinterest really, really monthly monthly active users is under a hundred million or Okay. Fine. Over a hundred million by this point, whatever this point means. Yeah.
Over a hundred million. Sure. But really, come on, compared to 2000000000 daily active users now, you might say to me, George, more people doesn't mean that it's a better fit for me. I want I use Pinterest because it reaches more women of a certain value set. Okay.
But those women are also on Facebook and Instagram, multiplied by probably 10 times. People have to understand this. Oh, George, Facebook people are not the right fit for me. Instagram people are not No. The fact that they are the biggest platform, let's get this correct The fact that there is just about 2000000000 daily after users on Facebook means that Take tell me any demographic you want to reach, any value set, any age range, any location, any profession.
You can target, you know, you could target specific professions on Facebook. Did you know that in Instagram? People who work at specific companies who have specific job titles. It's ironically probably cheaper and easier to target executives on Facebook than it is on LinkedIn. It's certainly cheaper for sure.
It's like by 5 to 10 times cheaper to target managers and executives and HR professionals and whoever you wanna reach, you wanna speak in companies. You wanna do workshops at corporations or organizations, Facebook ads might actually get you there faster than LinkedIn ads. Certainly, it'll get you there cheaper. So any demographic you wanna reach, stay at home moms, corporate executives, you know, people who are interested in particular holistic methodologies or open to that, there are more of those people on Facebook and Instagram than there are on Pinterest periods. Total users, total user base.
You see what I mean? So this is why I'm glad that you're in this course. And like I said, this is the obligatory lesson in every Facebook ads course. How big this thing is, but hopefully, not just how big. I I never liked how those other courses explained it.
Hopefully, this explains it to you a little bit better. It's that demographics are easier to reach for any specific demographic. Than it is cheaper and easier to reach than any other platform.

FB has by far the biggest user base.

Last updated 26 Feb 2023.