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Should you run social media ads, or does it create skepticism in the audience?

An interesting question here about whether you should run social media ads because the person says here I feel like I'm saying, look how great my post is because, you know, the way I teach social media ads is that we spend a good portion of our ad budget running content ads that have no call to action Not trying to sell anything, but you're genuinely trying to serve, to support, to uplift, to minister, you know, and therefore to grow an audience. If you, you know, you use ads to reliably reach more new people who could be really served by your content and your offerings, why wouldn't you? A few dollars, $10 can reach a 1000 of the right people. Why wouldn't you spend that money to to to serve, to reach, to grow your audience? Okay.
So the question is, oh, if I'm running an ad on my content, I'm saying, oh, look how great my post is. I even paid for it when it's just a regular text post. This person wrote. Okay. First of all, let me let me stop there when it's just a regular text post.
So what's worth spending money. Okay. Let me say, okay, as a consumer, right, as somebody just like you are who scrolls on social media, would I rather see an ad ChatGPT trying to sell me something I couldn't care less about? Or sell me something that I could care about, but it's an ad, whatever. Or where I'd rather see an ad that's not trying to sell me something, but this is trying to serve me and it's trying to help me.
Which one would I read? When I see an ad, that's like, okay. What is this trying to sell? That's always people's first question. I don't see what it's trying to sell.
Let me keep going. It's not selling anything. How interesting is that? That's a different reaction. Do you see what I mean?
And people go, wow. See, that's a wow fact. I'm like, wow. This thing is this person's not trying to sell anything. And I this is how I've reached thousands This is how I've built my audience of thousands over the past few years, running ads.
Like, people, wait, disperse GeorgeKao is not trying to sell. Who's George Cow. First of all, don't know. Maybe the first couple of times they see my ad, they keep scrolling. But the 3rd time, 4th time, I don't know.
They see another ad where I'm not trying to sell me anything. They're like, what? Not trying to sell anything. I'm one interesting guy. You see?
So so and then the person the the questioner continues. I worry that readers might expect hidden conditions or feature posts trying to seldom something, making it seem like a trick. Oh, I see. So it's like, oh, GeorgeKao trying to sell me anything, but I bet he will try to sell me something later. So I already I suspect him because he should be trying to sell me right away.
You see you see the difference is, like, it's like, it's not trying to sell me anything. I'm trying to That's so strange. So, of course, somebody who is highly skeptical will keep scrolling. And therefore, they will not be part of my warm audience and will not see my Salesforce in the future because I only sell to my warm audience through ads, warm audience ads, people who have engaged with my content ads will will more likely see my offer ads in the future. And even my offer ads are very gentle and kind of trying to be tailored to speak to where someone's at, and if they if they only want them, I'm not trying to hype them up.
But if someone usually most people are not that skeptical, probably not as skeptical as this person. Right? I don't know. And so they're like, oh, that's interesting. A lot of people won't even notice it's an ad.
They just scroll and they see something interesting and they'll read it. Maybe later, they'll notice it's sponsored. Well, it's interesting. It's it's weird that they spend money to I I don't know. I don't think most people think that far in terms of They're spending money.
They're running an ad, and there's nothing to be sold here. I don't think most people most people just, like, look at something. Oh, that's interesting. They engage with they click. They like it.
They comment on it. And then in the future, they keep doing that. They they they now know who I am. They like who I am, and they see something else. I said, oh, that's that program, that service.
That's interesting to me. I like this person. They keep going from there. So I hope this is helpful. I mean, if you if you hear something different from maybe a few friends or something, don't take what a few friends say as, well, this must be how everybody reacts to it.
What we need to look at is the stats. When you run the ads, that's really actually the real reality. The reality is you run these ads and have been running these ads tens of 1000 of dollars of content ads in the past few years. So I have enough data to back this up. You run the ads and you look at the numbers.
Is your audience growing? Are people commenting? That's all that matters. I don't care if you have certain suspicions. Of how some people might think this or that.
Those are all illusions. Those are all, you know, speculations. They're not actual real data. So I hope this is helpful. Go ahead and run ads, and you will see for yourself over time.


Last updated 9 May 2024.