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Is it OK to post pics of your children on social media? 🤔

Is it safe to post pictures of your children on social media? Well, I have an entire page. for my child. I go to Buddy the pup on Facebook. Yeah.
No. I think it's fine for dogs. For children, I don't recommend it. Now the person who now I don't care of this Instagram, TikTok, Facebook, YouTube, And unfortunately, a lot of you have already done so, and I'm not saying you should take them all down. I just am more private myself.
You don't see I mean, I don't post pictures of my family. I don't have kids right now, but yeah, I don't I don't pick pic post pictures of my private life or anything. Like, I'm just indigenous to me. I'm just more more of a private person. Like, all my content is more professional, more related to my work, related to my message.
Now, the person who asked it said, well, my work is is I I I work I I talk about motherhood. George. So, wouldn't it make sense for me to post my babies, my children, and my my interactions with them? Like I said, it's it's up to you. I can think of other ways of doing it.
For for example, there are plenty of stock photos that are fairly postable online, right, freely downloadable for free even. You could post it as for commercial use, go on UnSplash. dotcom or other websites like pexels, p e x e l s, or just anyway, I I have a I have a separate video at some point. You can you can look for it on YouTube. how to find free images.
Not just my video, plenty of other people I've made this, plenty of stock photography, mothers and their children that are happy to for you to post it on online, and and you could use that for your motherhood message. Or these days, you could if you don't mind using AI graphics tools, Midjourney or and other AI tools can instantly create a picture of a fake mother and child that looks lifelike, that looks real, or you could do cartoon pictures of mother mother and children instantly through AI art. So I would advise you against it because why? Now it says GeorgeKao, why why? Why?
Why? Because you haven't gotten their permission. and they should have they should they should be their decision that, you know, that you should protect their sovereignty their their image, their picture, their their self, their energy on social media, in my opinion. And usually, when they're too young, they don't know any better, and they don't understand what that means to have one's image on social media. So I'm sorry.
I know some of you are probably freaking out because you've been doing it for years. And like I said, lots of people do it. I I you know, it's In my opinion, it's unfortunately a common practice, but it's a common practice. So you're not you're not in bad company. You're in the company of many, many other who've done this.
It's just that if you were if you had the choice right now and if you were just asking me the question and you're deciding whether to do it now, I would say no. So I would say no, and then you ask their permission, at least at least they're eighteen and older. And they're like, when when do kids fully develop their brain? Like, I think 45 or something like that. Right?
I'm I'm in my late forties, and I feel like I'm still understanding what adulthood is. and what's appropriate. Right? So, anyway, I would I would let the kids make their own decision. So thank you.

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Last updated 1 Apr 2024.