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    Soul Gym Onboarding
    • Course Platform Orientation
    • Warm Welcome to Soul Gym πŸ’›
      SG1 why Soul Gym?
    • What's included with the Soul Gym program?
      What does Soul Gym Program include?
    • Fill out your profile πŸ€— We want to learn about you!
    • How to get to the Soul Gym forum (where you'll post your content)
      Soul Gym -- 2 places to post content
    • How to post in the forum
      Soul Gym Forum orientation for 2022 Nov-Dec
    • Post Once Comment Twice πŸ™πŸΌπŸ˜Š
      SG Post once comment twice
    • Soul Gym Buddies πŸ‘¨πŸ½β€πŸ€β€πŸ‘¨πŸΌ
      SG Buddies
    • To receive fewer emails: only follow Staff
    • Want George Kao's feedback on your content? Come to monthly Q&A....
      SG 5 Want my feedback? Come to monthly Q&A
    • πŸ€” Can you promote your products/services in Soul Gym? Not directly...
    • Any Questions about the Soul Gym Program?
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    • What are Soul Gym Circles? πŸ”΄πŸ”΅πŸŸ’πŸŸ‘
      Soul Gym Circles- what are they?
    • ➑️ Schedule + Zoom Link for Soul Gym Calls with George Kao
    • πŸ– Rest & Integration Weeks πŸ™†πŸ»β€β™‚οΈ
    • George's Monthly Q&A Calls & Zoom Link
    • Google Calendar for George's Soul Gym Calls
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      iCal Apple Calendar Users -- How to Subscribe to a Google Calendar so you get updates
    • ✍🏽 Work Retreats to give you time to learn & implement my courses
    • Soul Gym Content PROMPTS πŸ’‘
    • If you aren't feeling inspired, should you still create?
    • Authentic Content Flow
    • Joyful Productivity Course
    • AI Tools for Authentic Business
    • Q&A Videos about Authentic Marketing & Business
    • The Joyful Pro Pep Talks

What's included with the Soul Gym program?

So what does Seoul gym content creation program include? Well, I'm happy to share this with you. This is a program that it has been added to over the years as I've created more courses I've added to this program. The per the course that began this program is the authentic content flow. So I wanna show you that one first.
It's the flash the flagship program that I have for how to do what I'm actually known for, I guess, for for most people, which is creating authentic content. So let me go and share with you my screen here. And you will see this is available to you further down in this orientation. You will see the access to this course. And this isn't this this really is, you know, has been life changing for some people, which is changing your mindset about what the heck content creation is and how do you do it with authenticity.
So that's sort of the beginning of the program, the core of it. And then we talk about the 3 stages of content creation which I have a blog post about it, which kinda lightly touches on it. But in this course, you're going to get the in-depth Stage 1 and stage 2. Stage 3 is a is a much more in-depth thing. I I have separate courses about stage 3, but If you just do stage 1 and stage 2 content, particularly stage 2, you'll be doing better content than most people.
You'll be growing your audience more. That most people, just about everybody only does stage 1. Very few people understand how to do stage 2. So I talk about stage 1, of course, I help you to create your own workflow for creating content, whether it's writing or videos. We focus more on writing in this course.
I have a separate course on video, but even if you just take this course and work with it, you'll be able to make authentic videos. So we talk about stage 1. You know, how do you really write and create, you know, you can apply this towards video as well. A kind of checklist for posting content And also, what are my favorite prompts to create with? I will be adding more to this over time, but these are really the most important prompts that if you just used these prompts, you'll be doing better content for your business than most creators.
And then we talk about stage 2 content, and I go into that and all the different aspects of it. We talk about, you know, there's more aspects of stage 2, including refining creating better titles. And then we talk about the very important aspect of tracking your content. This is what most content creators do not do. Most content creators are amateurs, and I want you to become a professional.
Because otherwise, why are you here? If you're gonna be amateur, you just you don't need this course. You don't need this program. Amateurs don't grow their audience and are basically by the way, give me one moment here. So tracking your content allows you to understand what pieces to take from stage 1 to stage 2.
You're going to learn a lot about this and why it's so key and why it is really is what grows your audience. This is what not only grows your audience, but allows you to move to stage 3, which is writing your books, creating your courses, creating any other programs that come out of a lot of testing of your content. It's what makes you a professional. A professional is somebody who is able to make a great living from creating authentic content. So I want that for you.
So tracking is essential for that. If you don't wanna track, you'll learn all about this in this course, And then we have a lot of additional segments, q and a, and also about making videos, like I said. If you if you just take course. You don't have to take my authentic video course if you don't want to. You'll still make a whole you'll still be able to make a whole lot of authentic videos doing this.
But, again, much of this course focuses on writing. So authentic content flow, again, is my flagship course. I'm really excited for you to dive into it. As part of the Solgium concentration program. And not only do you learn on the course, but in Solgium, of course, you get a lot of practice.
The point of this soldiering program is for you to continually create with the feedback of this community, with the support of this community, and it's mutual feedback, mutual support. So I hope you will also turn around and support others because otherwise, connections are not made and people are not as willing to support you if you're not supporting others. Well, kind of the law of life. Right? So that that's the 1st course you get as part of SoulGen.
The 2nd course you also get part of soldier and I'm excited about this is my foundational program called joyful productivity. So let me go ahead and show you on the screen here. So the joyful productivity course is one that I've been developing for really 14 years because did you all know, those of you who don't realize, I started off my business in 2009 as a productivity coach. That was the very first thing I build myself as I was a sustainable productivity coach factor and then eventually became joyful productivity. So I've been developing this content for a long, long time.
And you say, wow, it's it's it's whoops. Let me go back to the previous screen here. And I've taught this course multiple times, and here here is the best version of it thus far. So you're gonna learn about in-depth about my energy reboot. Some of you already know this, some of you do this regularly, and there will be even more about the energy reboot.
We start with well-being practices because joyful productivity requires it's really founded on the connection with your your well-being of your life. And then from that well-being arises a much more joyful productivity. Otherwise, you you are going to be struggling with productivity. So Let's see here. We talk about habit creation, of course, because without the understanding of habits and the specifics of how to do it, you will always be floundering with your productivity practices.
We talk about the key aspect of morning review and energy adjustments, coworking, how do you plan your calendar? Okay? You know, the basics, some people find that to be just enough in terms of the care the care program. And then the the the the advanced part is for those who want to get much more detailed about their their planning. Of course, this is an important segment.
If you're If you feel you're overwhelmed, this is this is a very important lesson for you. That's why I put that here. And then we go on to the other aspects of your for productivity, including decluttering, your computer, organizing, what I can organize by deliverables instead of organizing based on information, which is what most people do. They you might, yourself, organized based on. Well, these these information should go to this folder and that folder, and that is a never ending madness of a project.
And I teach you at the much better way call organizing by deliverables. And we talk about hat manuals. You may have heard that. That's also a key aspect of the work that I do and the work that I do with clients. Is creating hat manuals for their various processes in their business.
If you don't have hat manuals, you know, as a solopreneur, you wear multiple hats in your business. Sometimes you are a course creator, perhaps, sometimes you're preparing for clients, sometimes you're a content creator, those are all different hats. And each hat deserves to have very a very simple checklist at the very least. I call it a half manual. So, anyway, there's lots here.
Working lightly is also another key aspect, key principle of joy for productivity. There's 2 different modules in this program about working lightly, part 1 and part 2, which comes later. And on on there's lots of different things here I just wanna show you. So joyful productivity is, you know, many of my clients say it is like the most important thing that I teach. If you learn nothing else from me, Please learn JOLF productivity because that is the capacity building suite of skills.
That allows you to do everything else much more effectively. So as a soldier member, you get joyful productivity as well. And then the 3rd course that I'm proud to to add to Solgium is my AI course. Now, I know not everyone here is a fan of AI. And if you're not a fan, you can fast forward this video just, you know, 2 minutes, maybe maybe 1 minute.
I won't spend too much time on it. But The AI revolution is is is here to stay. It's going to be embedded Some of you watching this in the future are laughing at this video because you're like, what are you talking about? It's embedded into everything now. Just like the Internet was is embedded into everything.
You know? When Internet came out, people were like, oh, this is this is terrible for humanity. You know, some people did. A lot of people did actually. And the same thing is happening with AI, and then Internet became embedded.
Now we understand, okay. It's a tool to be used. It could be used in a healthy way. It could be used in destructive ways. It's up to the human.
To use the tools for a better world or for a worse world. And so that same thing with AI. So I I teach you the most important AI tools like ChatGPT, and the graph, the AI image generation tools. And, you know, so part 1 is is really about the tools like ChatGPT, and Claude. And then part 2 is about the image generation tools so that you can use it for your marketing.
Or for fun, for artistic endeavors. And in part 3, we go into additional tools that we don't talk about in part 1 and part 2. I haven't ChatGPT part 3 yet as of this recording, so there will be more of that that that will come. Alright. So besides these 3, I also want to show you you probably have seen this because this is the orientation course that you're in right now.
And so I wanna show you you should fill out your profile. You haven't done that because otherwise other soldiers members will know nothing about you. So be sure to go in here and fill it out. You can you will also I also wanna point out to you, there's a section of soldier and buddies. That's something that a lot of people find helpful.
Be sure to look at that as well. Because that's why you're in this program instead of just doing everything on your own is the community that's here is very special. I hope you go into soul jim buddies and find a buddy and work with them. Soul jim events, I this is where I'm gonna end this video here. Is where you're gonna find how to connect with the group live.
So there are something called something called Soldier Moon circles, which which you will When you click here, you will watch a video about how that works. Actually, I think one of our soldiers in circles, I think that that's where the video will be. And this is where you sign up. And then there are regular soldiering calls with me as a as a whole community, and there are integrate and rest of weeks, you might want to go there and see when they are happening. And then there's the monthly q and a call.
Okay. Let me talk about that for a moment, and that's that's about it. You can add my my soul gym calls to the Google Calendar and Apple Calendar. So those are how to do that. But let me talk a bit about the monthly q and a call that you have access to as a soldier member.
Once a month, in 2 different time zones. I do and a sort of all community q and a where you can show up and ask me any question. It could be about any aspect of business. It could be about, you know, let's say you've been you've heard me talk about Facebook ads or Instagram ads, and you're curious how to get started. You can ask me that question right on the q and a.
You don't have to take my courses. You can literally come to my q and a and ask me what the next step is for a course you haven't taken. So I just that's a sort of secret hack. Okay? You can save yourself a lot of money.
Okay? Don't have to take any other courses. Just come to my q and a and ask me the next step you can take. So every month you take the next step. For for whatever course you you didn't take.
Okay? Or even you have taken it. You didn't watch it. You can come to my q and a, and that's the that's a secret hack. Okay?
Come to my q and a. And ask me based on your situation, what is the next step for you for a particular area of your of your business or of your marketing? So if you add the the SoulGen Google Calendar, okay, add the SoulGen Google Calendar or the I iCal Apple Calendar, The ICal Bay basically works for any calendar software you're using. It doesn't matter what software you're using. You can add either the Google Calendar or the iCloud.
It'll work for your calendar software. Okay? And if you add those, you will see the access links. You will see when my monthly q and a's are and the access links to them. You can also come into here directly and there should be a place that you can click on and go to for for oh, this this the the dates are always here, and I guess this is the this is the Zoom link.
Okay? So that's what you get access to as a soldier member. I know there's a lot if you have any questions, please do go ahead and comment below. I really look forward to seeing you use these various features and benefit from that. One thing I almost forgot to say is very important.
Part of the Solgium program is to gain access to all the wise uplifting content that some members don't post anywhere else except right here in SoulGen. So if you go into our Soldierium forum, you're gonna see that content, and I encourage you to just make it a home for you to consume because social media otherwise has a a plethora of you know, content that's very energizing in negative ways. And so, Solgium is almost always content that's going to actually benefit your life. So you may want to look at it as a way to as you know, it's like, why why look at everything else on social media? Why not look at this kind of uplifting.
Often spiritual, but just personal growth type of content. So I hope you enjoy Solgium. Content itself, and then therefore engage with one another and become colleagues, collaborators, friends that actually can really help you help each other grow businesses over time. So enjoy it, SoulGen.

As part of Soul Gym you receive these two foundational courses:

  1. Authentic Content Flow – my flagship course about creating authentic content :)Β 
    • Regardless of your content creation skill level, I encourage you to check out the course to refresh your creation principles.

  2. Joyful Productivity – my comprehensive course about all things related to a more values-based time management and well-being life design.
    • This is so crucial – it is the foundation for all work that is truly sustainable and successful.

You also have access to:

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