Lilla Galfi Noorlander

About Lilla

I love to create calm, warm and safe spaces where people can be themselves and feel seen, heard and supported.

Where people can hear their own voice, realize that their body is wise and see possibilities that they have not seen before.

I coach people who need a safe space to reflect and find their own answers.

Currently, I am moving towards supporting the healing of people and of animals.

I love working with energy, reconnecting the mind and the body and join people on their journey to explore spirituality.

My goal for joining George Kao's Authentic Market Discovery course is to figure out how can I best support people and who would be best fit to work with me.

I am interested in having a conversation with fellow entrepreneurs who also resonate with my favourite topics. This is a great treasure chest, having all of us here, who would like to live and work out of our authenticity.


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