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Basic pathway for Soul Gym Spirituality

A warm welcome to SoulGen spirituality. So let me share with you what you're gonna find in this so called course. It's more of a facilitated discussion and really encouragement to look within yourself or to connect with your own spiritual guidance and activate that in your own life. So I I love frameworks And so I came up with a a way to kind of talk through some ideas and exercises and that might be helpful for you as well. So number 1.
And I I'm actually recording this for myself. Like, first the first thing I thought was when I first thought about it, I I need to record for myself some of these things so that I listen to it, remind myself a bit. Because I need to, you know you know, so because the the amnesia is constant, right, about about these things. So Number 1, I'm going to tell you this the 1 story that it makes it meaningful for me to pursue my spiritual path. So 1 story, and then I will talk about in upcoming segments, I'll talk about the 2 forces.
Sort of higher, lower self type force. Talk about that. And then the 3 principles, you see where this is going. 1 story, 2 forces, 3 principles. That kind of underpin this community perhaps.
And you Kao, you know, I I always invite you to to swap out anything for what's meaningful for you, but 3 principles are introduced. And then a fourfold framework for how we work together in this community. We'll we'll talk through it. And then finally, the 5 actions that I'm committed to doing on a regular basis and you may be as well. And so I'm just gonna keep cycling through these, you know, every 345 months, however long it takes to get through them.
And, you know, you can join me for this program as short or as long as you want. If, you know, be be here as long as it's genuinely useful to you. So thank you so much for being here, and I look forward to your comments, your insights and your, you know, shareings over the over the time. So thank you so much for being here.

I thought of this project because I needed it myself -- I wanted to record my spiritual thoughts and listen back to remind me of what's important to me -- because I forget often.

This "course" will contain:

  1. The unifying story / creed that inspires my spiritual path
  2. The 2 forces I'm always working with
  3. The 3 principles
  4. The 4-fold framework
  5. The 5 actions

The current plan is to just keep cycling back through these every 4-6 months.

Last updated 5 Jun 2023.