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Pathways to Authentic Business Success

ABC Pathways
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Option 1 - "Aligned Offers"

Option 2 - "Gentle Launches"

Option 3 - "Grow Audience"

Option 4 - "Long-Term Foundation"

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ABC Members: Courses You Can Access πŸ‘πŸ½

BizPlan 2023

Joyful Productivity 🌱

FAR Intention Setting Workshop

Facebook Ads 2023

Instagram Marketing


Simple Authentic Moneymaking

✨ Valuable Bonus Content

Soul Gym (Discounted ABC Rate of $30/mo)

MasterHeart Members: Complimentary Access

Authentic Content Flow

Soul Gym

ai chatbot -- George Kao's Books -- MH Members Only

Courses you can buy with Credits

1 Credit -- Simple Podcast Creation

2 Credits -- CORE

2 Credits -- Offer Revision Workshop

2 Credits -- Create Your Framework

2 Credits -- Authentic Video Creation

2 Credits -- LinkedIn Marketing & Ads for Solopreneurs

2 Credits -- Simple Course Creation & Launch

2 Credits -- Blog-to-Book (Self-Publishing)

2 Credits -- Conscious Money Flow

2 Credits -- Authentic SEO

2 Credits -- Authentic Outreach

2-3 Credits -- AI Tools for Authentic Business

2 Credits - "What do you do?" -- Describe Your Work (Bio, About Page, Introducing Yourself)

2 Credits - Interview Mastery / Soulful Conversations

2 Credits -- Launch Your 20-Member Group Program

3 Credits -- Authentic Content Flow (creation, tracking, repurposing)

Via Soul Gym -- Authentic Content Flow

✨ Weekly Intention Setting βœ…

Looking for the latest Intentions thread?

Intentions: Week of Jan 9

Intentions: Week of Jan 2

End of 2022 + Overall Wishes/Vision for 2023