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What if you don't use Google Docs, can you still use my templates?

In my courses, you're gonna find that I sometimes give you templates for taking notes or for, you know, doing whatever business or marketing template. But what if you don't use Google Drive or Google Docs, can you still use my templates? Well, yes. I hope that it's okay for you to start a Google account at the very least. You don't have to use your real email address, but Google accounts are free.
Just use you know, you can start a new Gmail account just to be able to access Google Docs. It's gonna be very useful, not just in my courses, but in other places as well. Just have a Gmail account that, you know, you don't have to connect to any personal information you don't want to. So let me go and show you login to your Google account, your Gmail account, even if it's a temporary one. And then let me go ahead and show you how to take my one of my templates and and put it into a different format.
Alright. Here in my energy signature course, I offered a template to organize the energy signature notes. So once you are logged in to your Gmail or Google account, they're all the same thing. The Gmail account, Google account, Google Drive account, they're all the same account. Once you log in, even if you just create a new free one, click on this the button that I give you for a Google Doc, Google Spreadsheet, click on it.
And once you're logged in, you should be able to click use template. Again, we're not gonna use Google Docs. We're gonna just temporarily use it to download. A different version. So click on use template, and this creates an instant private document in your Google Drive.
But remember, You don't if you don't wanna use Google Drive, it's okay. You can you got the template now. Click click on file. Click on download. And voila.
You can use Microsoft. You can use text. You can use PDF. These are other fancy templates, but yeah, any of these should work with whatever software you're using to to download. Or if you just say, well, I just wanna print it out, that's fine.
You can go ahead and print it out by scrolling down in the file menu and there oops. File menu at the very bottom, there's a print. So I hope this is helpful and enjoy the temp the various templates that I give you.
Last updated 23 Jan 2024.


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