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Understanding Courses vs Purchases in Simplero

Eric, thanks for letting me record this. Thanks for sharing the screen to show other ABC Mastercard members what to look for in terms of, like, what what do I have access to? What how many credits do I have left, all that stuff. So right now, we are in the you know, you you logged in to the simplero, and you clicked on your profile, and I think so. I think that's how you got here.
Right? Mhmm. If if I will put the link below this video for how to get to this same screen, for everybody to to look at their own courses, what they have access to. Okay. So here in the the top of the screen are courses, and these are the courses that you have access to.
And what you have here what you have here, if you're in the if you're watching this and you're part of the you know well, I'll just say, you you have you have current access to these courses. That's all I'm gonna say. Okay? And when you click on any one with these, it'll go directly to that course. But you have access to all these.
There are some that don't have images. I have to just put images in, but you still have access to them. So, okay, scroll down, pass all the courses you currently have access to. Amazing. A lot of them, and you'll get tired of looking at my picture.
I'll probably put some AI picture up there. It's probably more more more pleasant looking at my picture, but Keep going down subscriptions that you currently have going right now. And then further under subscriptions is called purchases. And purchases is basically what you either bought using currency, US dollar, or whatever, euro, whatever, or what you bought using course credits. Those of you who are in my ABC Mastercard program, you get course credits every other month.
I think you get you get you get email that says, hey. You've got some more course credits now. You got just some just assigned to you, and you can use them to go and go buy the courses. And so the purchases that you see here that says paid, okay, given Eric, you've been in my membership program for a couple years. So you probably didn't pay for currency.
For any of these, you probably used course credits to pay for them. And so the paid ones means course credits. You probably bought them with course credits. For some of you, before you join my program, you bought some courses with currency that will show up here as paid as well. If it says free, some of them say free.
It's probably because there was some error with course credits, and I had to, like, I had to manually assign you the course, which means it's free. With you and then take some course credits from you. So if it's free, there's some reason it was free. It's probably because I had to do it that way. Or for some other bonus you got for free aware.
Anyway, so purchases, these are what you bought with course credits, but essentially, Everything you buying from me are courses. Right? So it's kind of weird that Sinclair has a whole section called purchases because you could just scroll all the way to the top, and that's where you access all my courses. The purchases is just in simplero's transaction financial tracking system. To say, well, these are the ones you bought.
Does that make sense? So, essentially, you never really have to scroll down this far because it doesn't matter to you what you bought. You just go up to the courses or what you have access to. Finally, but if you scroll down to the very bottom, okay, oh, your worksheet, you can skip those. Those are the assessments that you you you made, which might be interesting for you to look at at some point.
But at the very bottom of the screen, If you have any credits left, it'll say your credits. If you don't even have the your credits left, if you don't even have anything there under your credits, that means you have no credits left. I wanna thank Mike Wang, make Mike Wang for aligning us to that to that weird little quirk. But if you do have your credit section, That means you have some credits left, and it says here, Eric, you have 6 credits left. Mhmm.
So that means you can spend those 6 credits by the end of the year. And so there you go. Thank you so much. Any questions, Eric, before we move on? You clarified my confusion mainly with the simplero organization.
The the purchases section, you don't even need to look at. Yeah. It's weird. How come purchases empty here? You scroll up again?
There. There's no there. They're just Yeah. They're just scrolling. Yeah.
Yeah. Yeah. So ignore the purchases section. That's probably too confusing. Just look at the courses section.
Yeah. That's all. Thanks.

In short, just work mostly with "Courses" and see "Purchases" as a record of enrollment transactions with my system since mid-2022.

Last updated 20 Nov 2023.


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