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About Eva

Hi everyone! I am here building a business around my love of spiritual depths and a felt calling to make pathways for humanity's evolution. I work in a really unique modality, called inner voice facilitation, which was pioneered by popular podcaster Bella (Jess) Lively a few years ago. In this work, I guide clients into a conversation with their inner wisdom by asking questions directed at their source knowing. This work has been phenomenal at uncovering knowings that blow the mind as well as drawing the participants into a deeply felt sense of loving presence.

My particular take on this work is all about learning to be guided directly by source, via the inner voice conversation, through the human's evolving path. I've seen that it takes direct guidance from consciousness itself to evolve past the current level of human egoic awareness. 

My personal journey with this work over the past 4 years has brought me into the realms of consciousness realization and enlightenment, as well as developing a vast body of work -- essentially multiple books' worth of teaching content direct from my own source conversation. 

It's challenging to market, because the ability to perceive the value of this work is low until you've tried it, as it's new to most, so I'm working now on developing offers that speak to currently perceived pain points where the inner voice work is particularly beneficial, such as coming to clarity around your life direction.

I've had a tendency to people please, which can lead to trying to put out aspects of the work that aren't the real thing -- and when I perceive that I'm doing that, I slow down on marketing and work on my own ability to hold my space while simultaneously approaching the world with the message I'm carrying.

At this point in spring 2024, I've held a beta for several months last year of my envisioned flagship course and long term community. I completed the beta in January, and now I'm looking to bring in several one-on-one clients this year while I continue developing the structure and aligned ways of bringing this work out to the world.