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Stage 1 to Stage 2 content - examples

Alright. Thank you to Miranaz for asking me for an example of my stage 1 content versus stage 2 content. And I actually dug into my archives and found an early stage 1 that I recently did as a stage 2. So let me go ahead and show you on the screen right now here. So this, I found from 2018, was the first instance that I remember talking about how content and ads can be a ministry.
Well, I will put these links below in case you're wondering, what the heck does that mean? I'm glad you asked. I you can go and watch my early original video 3 minutes. I was walking outdoors. This is when I was still doing videos you know, when I was at the dog park and walking my dog, making videos.
I know a lot of you have nostalgia about those days when my videos were much more watch because it was much more interesting to see nature. And now my videos are boring. I understand. Sorry. But it's much easier for me to make videos in in the office.
And I have a big enough audience where I can be boring now. So so 2018, March, this is the first instance And and now I wanna show you the latest is this was in this is just made last Friday. So January, of 2024. So almost 6 years later, and this is my and this is a much longer video. This is 18 minute video.
And and then I wanna show you the the writings. This was the original writing March 16 of 2028. As on And I'll again, I'll put those links below, and I'll I'll I'll I'll, you know, this is this was my stage 1 piece. And then my stage 2 piece is January 5 2024.
I put this on this one on LinkedIn. This was I think I also put it on on medium. It doesn't matter. But notice the change is that I think this might be a better title, but belief required to be able to create consistently I think is a better title than your content and ads are a ministry because nobody knows what the f I'm talking about. But this makes a little bit more sense And so my stage 2 piece, you can tell it's not that different from stage 1.
Right? In fact, funny funny enough. I think my stage 1 was formatted better. I took a little bit more time there. My stage 2 piece, I I made edits to it.
I made it hopefully a bit clearer to read. I added some things to it. I think I added the the titles, the subtitles, ripple effect. I think I don't think I had that. Right?
I don't think I had that. And so, yeah, so I had the ripple I I had the the subtitles there and added another section. I think I may have made it even shorter. No. Maybe not.
It was just maybe the same size. So anyway, Remember, stage 1 to stage 2 is basically stage 1 is experimental on trying things out, and then I tried to spend as little time as possible. Now with stage 1, I think, technically, because I'm You know, you can always take my concepts and make it your own. And I do the same thing. I don't technically have only stage 1 and stage 2.
I have, like, stage 0, stage 1, stage 1 and a half, stage 2, stage 2, and a half. I have multiple why not? I'm taking George Cow's advice and customizing it to myself. Please do the same with your yourself. So, essentially, I think my stage 1 was just a 3 minute video in in the woods.
And then maybe I'm like, oh, people seem to find it interesting. So I'm gonna write something about that. So I ended up writing it, putting on medium, and that was stage 1 and a half. So it took me another maybe 45 minutes to write it up or something like that. And then, you know, years later, as you can see, I'm now doing stage 2 where I'm like, okay.
I'm gonna spend another hour to, like, polish polish for the writing more. And then make a longer video where I've thought about it now for a while and and I'm I'm updating it. So I hope this is helpful. And, of course, this has been on a carousel post as well. I've done the carousel post version of this piece, not recently, but probably about a year ago.
I did a carousel post. And if I can find that, I'll also put that below. So I hope this is helpful as some examples. And feel free. You're the fact you're watching this, you might have examples of stage 1, stage 2 as well.
Please comment below and share with us your example links. Oh, here was stage 1, and now here's stage 2. Keep it simple, just stage 1, stage 2. I know some of us, like myself, may have middle middle stages as well. So I hope this is helpful.
Oh, one more thing I should mention. This piece also went into my book, so that was stage 3. You know, because this piece I felt was important enough where people responded to enough, where I put it in my book as well.

You'll learn much more about Stage 1 and 2 content throughout this course!

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Last updated 11 Jan 2024.