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Can you grow your audience without using social media? πŸ€”

Alright. Let's get into content distribution. What is that? Well, you've created content and you maybe post it in like one place maybe on your website, maybe an email newsletter, maybe on the easiest social media you can do. And yet, that's that's a bare minimum.
You can do a lot more, especially with stage 2 content. Remember, we talked about stage 1 content is best posted where you typically get the most engagement so you can start tracking whether or not it's worth it for you to take it into stage 2. So for example, many of you have the most engagement on your Facebook profile where, yes, your friends and family are, but hopefully other Facebook friends who are potential clients or referral sources to your potential clients. And that's where you would post anyway. I don't wanna keep talking about this because we talked plenty about stage 123 in this course thus far.
But I wanna talk about content distribution. Famous quote by Gary Vaynerchuk says, yes, content is king, which is you know, that's be predates Gary Bannon Chuck. It's, you know, well known, content is king, you know. Great content will will spread naturally, not anymore in this day and age. Not really.
I mean So Gary Vaynerchuk says, content is king, but distribution is queen. And she runs the household. Meaning, without good content distribution, you won't really get much reach with your content. So and so we need to do content distribution. That's what the upcoming lesson are going to be about.
I will first address a couple of concerns that have come up regarding, well, I understand social media is is important, but I have this particular concern challenge about social media. And you'll see those segments coming up in in in upcoming. But I do want to address one kind of overall big myth that I have been approached by multiple people over the years who say GeorgeKao, can I do a webinar for your audience on how to grow their business without social media? Okay? So I wanna first say why am I bringing up social media?
Because if you want to grow your the reach of your content, My opinion is that not my opinion. My experience is that social media is a must. Social media of some kind is a must. For content distribution. Well, why is that?
Because it's social media. Every human being on the planet these days has the potential to become their own media company, you might say, or their own media channel. That's what social media is. If you're lucky or privileged to be able to get on to a major media channel, great. That's that's amazing.
But the way we distribute content these days, it's through one another, sharing it. And the more your content is being shared, obviously, the more reach you get, But also, interestingly, it helps with your search engine optimization as well. It helps with the SEO as well. So So I wanna address so, you know, here's my main point. Social media is a must if you're going to do content distribution, if you're going to get the reach for your message.
Okay? But what about the people who are teaching, oh, grow a business without social media? What's that all about? Well, let me tell you the secret. Because I've been through those presentations so that you don't have to sit through their presentation and then get sold on their big program.
Okay. So what is their secret of growing their business and their audience without social media? They watch what they do. They approach people like me who had a social media following to share their message. That's the secret.
The secret of growing your business without social media is to get friends and colleagues who use social media so that they could amplify your message. Hardly through social media because every all always, there will be people on social media for business who Oh, gosh. Why do I have to use social media? It's so much so much of a burden. It's chore.
The the the this objection about it, which, again, we'll cover in the next few lessons. So that's what that that's what the secret is. The secret is you either grow your business through social media or you grow your business when you have colleagues and friends who use social media and you use them to leverage to leverage your your message. Which to me is a little bit cynical to be honest with you and not really authentic because the the The irony is the people who have approached me about growing, you know, doing these webinars and growing your business without social media from my audience. I know their history.
They actually did grow an audience using social media. And then they kind of found this niche of, oh, there's a lot of people I they might maybe I realized there's a lot of people in my audience and on my email list who have, you know, limiting beliefs about social media and have all these objections about it. So I can create a niche out of myself and how to let me let me get clever and teach people how to grow their business with our social media. But it's it's really hard to do if you haven't already grown in a bit of an audience with social media. And then you can maybe move off of social media at some point because you it's kinda already running itself.
So this is why I I wanna just come come back to the core message here, which is if you're gonna be authentic, in actually getting the reach for your content, social media comes into play somehow with regards to that. You don't have to use all the platforms. We will talk in an upcoming segment, you know, see it a couple of segments from now where I go through the top social media platforms. To help you choose which ones you actually might decide to use. Some of us are going to gravitate towards LinkedIn much more, Some of this gravitates towards Instagram much more.
Some of this gravitates towards YouTube much more, etcetera, etcetera, etcetera. Anyway, I'm gonna give you a whole long list that you can choose from. Of content distribution, some of which is social media, and then we'll go from there. So anyway, I look forward to to hearing what limiting belief you have about social media or what objections you have to, like, oh, GeorgeKao I I know what you're saying, but why can't I not use social media? And and do this instead.
Tell me all of that. I would love to hear it because I've been hearing it for years. I've been trying different things for years. You know what? Here's here's the bottom line, I'll say this.
Whatever way that is easiest and most impactful to to to do your content to do my content distribution. I will find it. I will lean into it. I will teach it. Right now, there is no better way for content reach other than social media, particularly social media ads which we'll talk about later.
So if there's a better way, I'll tell you about it. But right now, there is no better way. I mean, I've I've I'll tell you all the different ways coming up. It's like basically social media, or collaborations with people who use social who have an audience on social media, or search engine optimization SEO, which is a lot harder You think social media is hard? Yeah.
Good luck. Try SEO. Some of some people will say, well, SEO really work for me. But, yeah, did you actually do it? Or did you get lucky doing it?
Or maybe you have a local audience and local SEO is much more doable than just online SEO for life coaching or something like that or relationship coaching is it's like local SEO, local plumbers, local floors, SEO. Okay. Yeah. I get it. That's that's a little bit more doable and yet there's tons of competition now for local SEO.
It's gotten harder over the years. If there's a good way, I'll teach it to you. If if you think there's a better way that I don't know about, I would love for you to comment below because I'm always a student. I'm always wanting to learn more. So anyway, with that, Let's go on to some of the common blocks that you might have about social media, and then I'll talk about the other reach methods as a whole list after that.


Last updated 3 Nov 2023.