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Why Stage 2? Understanding the strategy as a whole.

I just wanna remind you about why it's important to create stage 2 content. Quick reminder, Stage 1 is when you create something and some other human being gets to see it for the first time, hear it for the first time. And no matter if you work for 5 minutes or 5 years on a piece of content, it's still stage 1. Because it's you've been all in your head, possibly. You haven't yet touched another human being yet and let them evaluate whether It's useful for them.
It's valuable, meaningful for them. That's why at stage 1, we need to be prolific, do as much as we, you know, experimentation as we can. Stage 2 is taking the best of your stage 1, and then possibly editing it to improve on it, and then certainly to distribute further. But I wanna just spend a moment talking about why it's so important to do stage 2. Because before you met me, you may have not heard these terms before.
And I have essentially built my career, my audience from stage 2 content, and I believe it will help you as well. Most people don't do stage 2 content. That's why most people don't have an audience or have very, very small audience. So So as I've mentioned, the big why for stage 2 content is this is actually what grows your audience. If you haven't gone to stage 2, you haven't really tapped into your potential for a large audience or whatever size is larger than your current audience.
And, of course, having a large audience makes everything in terms of marketing makes us so much easier. You can sell all kinds of things and people will buy it, the larger the audience, the more that's true. Okay? So So and not necessarily, we want a, you know, 1,000,000 person audience. I don't.
I have about 10,000 people in my audience, and I have more than enough business. It's I don't I don't really wanna grow it much faster, maybe a little bit at a time, but but I still do stage 2 content because I think it does serve my audience the the best. It's the most meaningful content, most impactful service oriented. Okay. So why stage 2 greater reach?
Yes. I also want you to think about this. You have the best 100 pieces of content within you. Now, the next 100 pieces of content you create are not going to be your best 100. Let's be clear about this.
Okay? Because your creativity is all over the place. Well, it should be its creativity and not everything you create as I mentioned, is going to make the best impact on other human beings, and only they can tell you what is impactful. So what stage 2 content does, right, taking the best of stage 1. We are trying to come up with your best 100.
Imagine having that. You know, one day, maybe a year from now, maybe 2 years, maybe more like 3 to 5 years from now. Okay? You will have your best 100. Okay?
And your best 100 means, guess what? You keep repeating them for the rest of your life. Okay? Now, Of course, this best 100 will will will keep shifting over time because, you know, if you do content tracking, which I teach you in this course, It's very important. If you don't do content tracking, you can't do stage 2 content.
It's it's it's literally impossible. Now you can do simple content tracking. But you gotta do some content tracking to be able to find your best 100 and to keep replacing the worst of your best 100 with something that was better, even better than that. So in other words, my content and marketing has seriously gotten easier and easier over the years. Because I already have my best 100, and I just keep showing that to you, you know, week after week, month after month.
I just I'm like, people with George, your content's brilliant. I'm like, oh, yeah. That one I wrote 5 years ago. You know? And every time I bring it back, I just make maybe make a little bit of adjustment see if I can improve it a little bit or make it a little bit more relevant to the current day, perhaps, or maybe not much changes at all.
And I just post it again and Again, you know, people think it's amazing, and and you probably don't even remember I posted it. Sometimes I look at them like, oh, yeah. Oh, I almost forgot that I wrote that or recorded that. Your best 100 is what I want you to have. Now once you get to your best 100, it doesn't mean that you never create again.
You never create age 1. No. No. You you still experiment. You still keep your muscles sharp.
You still keep your brain sharp by trying. But it's something like 80 to 20% at that point. 80 20 by that point. 80% of the time, you're probably just posting your best 100. And just making little modifications.
Like, I'm like, really 80% of the time. To be honest, I've gotten pretty lazy with content creation. But I want you to get to this point where it's like you're kind of lazy about it. You spend more of your creativity efforts on product creation. Creating courses, creating programs, creating services for people, you know, creating events and experiences for people.
That's eventually where I want I I think that's where for the for your business's sake, okay, that's where a lot of your energy can go. Just use it making money. You just creating better products over time. But your free content, I want you to be lazy at some point. Can't not yet.
But at some point, you will be able to be as lazy as me and go, yeah. George just post the same stuff every couple years. Same stuff. If you if you've been around my content, you know I keep posting the same stuff. But it's not every 3 months or 6 months because I have my best 100.
So it's like every 2 years, you'll see the same same piece again. But it's not too every 2 years, you have forgotten about it. Most of my audience will have forgotten about it. So your best 100 is what I'm I cannot wait to see you create. And then the final reason why we do stage 2 content is to help you move into stage 3 content.
What does stage 3 content remember? Stage 3 is basically product products. You take the you take your stage 2, and maybe even some of your stage 1, and you organize it into themes and turn it into online courses. Turn into books, all of my books, all of my books are stage 2 blog posts and writings from my stage 2 writing. All my books are just organized.
I'll hear them all my stage 2 and hear organize into themes, and those are my books. My my Midjourney sometimes come out of. Nowadays, I'm I'm lucky enough to have a big enough audience. I could just make something up and and launch a course and have enough people buy it. But, you know, if I want to make sure it works, then I look at my stage 2 content and go, Looks like this is a popular theme.
I can create a course about this or a coaching package, a consulting program. A webinar, an event, and a retreat. Those are all stage 3. Those are all products. Right?
Products. And products are best The best selling ones tend to be the ones that are proven from your content already. At least some part of your Stage 2 content is woven into your products, people will find the products very satisfying, fulfilling. So that's why we create stage 2 content. I hope you will join this movement of everybody making their content better and better and better so that the world can be served more meaningful.
Ideas and your most your best presence. So thanks for watching this. If you have any other thoughts about stage 2 content, why why you're motivated to create stage 2, you can comment below. Thanks.


Last updated 20 Oct 2023.