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My holy fear of NOT making content...

Here's a question from Miro that I thought was interesting about whether I I I bring an identity of content creator into my mind. And I know that people have said, this is helpful in terms of habit development. I am a writer you know, or or whatever. I am a I am a fill in the blank. I am I am a runner, you know, if you wanna run consistently as I have never personally found that to be helpful.
What I like to do that helps me to get into the habit is to think more about, like, basic hygiene almost. It's like, would I go to bed without brushing my teeth now that I because I personally experience some some disaster with with with without doing that before. So I know my God. When I'm so afraid of not going to bed without brushing my teeth. But the same thing is I have developed this fear of not creating content consistently.
For me, that's more powerful. Like, I've I've developed it's so weird for me to say this, the only fear I have is that a week goes by and I didn't create content, unless I was taking the contentsabbatical, then I have to, like, consciously keep myself from it. But And and I used to when I first got started with content creation, it was a daily it was a daily content thing. I had to do it daily to to to build this fear of not having done it. Because it's like, oh my god, a day went by and I didn't create yet.
Oh my god. I can't let the day pass. This is this is it's it's already 8 PM. It's already 11 PM. And and when I used to do this, I used to basically sometimes 11:50 PM.
I'd be like, I've already gotten ready for bed, and all I can do today is be my be in my, you know, glasses when I, you know, take off my contacts. I have glasses on. I'm in my PJs. I have made several videos like that. I have written several things in my PJs.
Right before bed because I was afraid that the day was about to pass and I didn't make content. And now it's it's it's weekly. Because the thing is I have such a strong sense of time passing. I think that is something I wish for more people. Especially ADHD people.
A stronger sense of time passing. It's like, oh my god, the opportunity is passing right before my eyes. And am I going to grasp that opportunity to put out my content today or not? Because every every day or every week, whichever rhythm you have. It's like you have a slot, and you if you let that slot pass, then the slot has passed.
You have just wasted another week. And I don't want to waste anything. I mean, I don't wanna waste I in in other parts of my life, maybe I'm a little bit more wasteful. But when it comes to time, I am graphs grasping it, you know, rage rage from the with against the dying of the light. That's a from a poem rage rage against the dying of the light.
And that makes me afraid to not put out my content today or this week or whatever. And I hope you have that sense of godly fear, the fear of god. Right? It is is is is not some kind of like, oh, I'm cowering before the creator, like, might punish me, but it's the fear of time passing and the life we have been the precious life we've been given, the fear that we will not make a good use of this life, and therefore, have that judgment at the end. I'm not I'm not saying to be judged by a, you know, white guy on the on the throne.
That's what I what I mean. But the judgment of our own selves to say, what did you do with this life? What did you do with this week? What did you do with this day? I wish for you that kind of holy fear, which will say, I I I I can't but surrender to the creativity that's within me that must come out.
Lest I get killed by the song that's not sung, right, within me. That is what motivates me to create. I welcome your comments below what what might motivate you. I I think there there there's probably a different unlock for everybody. This unlock that I've given you might help a little bit or help a lot, but look for that unlock that makes you go.
I cannot create, I must create. And if it's an identity thing, then take it on. It works for a lot of people. Right? Thank you for asking.
Last updated 29 Sep 2023.