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You're taking too long creating + building a thicker skin

Alright. The question here is about when you're creating content, do you take too long to make your stage 1 content. The person who's asking you said, you know, I just keep tweaking what I've want to post, and I and this delays my my my sharing of my content. I I know I need to embrace imperfection, but it's it's still tough. And I still need to deal with thinking, well, I might change my thoughts later, maybe even as soon as I post it, I might change my thoughts.
So can anyone here relate to that? Right? So I my recommendation when you're doing stage 1 content is to spend as little time as possible before you post it. Now the the person who asked me the question said, George, I think you said spending 15 minutes for stage 1 content. It doesn't have to be 15 minutes.
Right? That might be too challenging for for a lot of us. I don't I don't even think I spent 15 minutes stage 1. I think I think my stage 1 ends up being more like 45 minutes or so for stage 1 in terms of writing. My videos are more off the cuff of stage 1, but don't don't spend, you know, 2 to 5 hours with stage 1 content.
No. No. Do not do that. Okay? That's too long.
Stage 1 should be I mean, under 2 hours is fine, but even up to 2 hours is It's a little stretching it. I think it's I think it's okay, but it's a little you have more things to do with your precious time. Okay? Stage 2, obviously. Stage 2 is important because you're looking at what what work from stage 1, all the things, and then you You make it a little better.
Even stage 2, I don't spend that much time. I spend, again, something like 30 to 45 minutes with stage 2. So I I just don't spend that much time creating content. I create a lot more of it. But here's the thing.
Like, in terms of thinking, you're gonna change your thoughts. Of course, you're gonna change your thoughts. Even right after you post it, that in the beginning, that's normal. Let me say this again. Before you've built up your confidence as a content creator, the more unconfident you are the more you're gonna change your thoughts immediately after you post it.
You're gonna wanna delete it right after you post it. Oh my gosh. I gotta edit this. And it's okay to add it a little bit after you post it. Like, you post it.
You're like, oh my gosh. Okay. I just realized I need to say this. I do that sometimes too. But more and more I don't.
Okay? Because essentially, you need to develop more confidence as a content creator. You just have to develop more HubSpot. You have to develop more. I don't care what the f other people think.
I don't care if they think I'm stupid or foolish or I looked dumb or whatever. It's like you have to develop that thick skin to say, I don't care what anybody thinks I don't care if my reputation is ruined by posting this thing. I know it's bold for me to say that, but it's true. I I have had to practice that. The house it feels to me like thousands of times over the years.
And now I have I have this I have my my skin is, you know, 10 miles long, and I I don't think the skin is. But that's empowerment. That's also ego. Right? Be careful.
It's two sides of the same coin. So it's like, you know, have to keep practicing humility and but I do know I'm the homeless person in the world, so I'm pretty good there. No. So so really, that's that's the reality is you have thin skin right now. You're going to want to edit right away because you think other people's opinions matter.
And you're gonna have to practice nobody opinions matter, not even yours. Nobody's opinions matter. Now, No specific person's opinions matter. But collectively, the data matters. Okay?
Collectively, we analyze the data objectively with calm neutrality with curiosity is, oh, okay. Collectively, they like this one. Collectively, they didn't care about that one. Collectively, whatever. So that's my pep talk to you.
You just yes. You will edit probably after you post but just know that because you have a thin skin right now, because you're you're scared. Naturally, all of us start out scared. All of us start out as cowards. And then you build up bravery as you go along and realize nobody no nobody's effing opinion matters not any one person.
This person said, you're stupid. This person said, you know, you should think more. This person said, what are you talking about? Doesn't matter. I will look at the data once a week or once a month, and that's all that matters.
I'm gonna keep going because Nobody who's following you right now matters. Nobody's following me right now matters. None of you matter. Sorry. But I don't matter either.
My opinion doesn't matter either. None of you matter. By my opinion doesn't matter why. Because my eventual audience is gonna be so much bigger than all of you. And your eventual audience is so much bigger than me and anybody else is following you right now.
Your eventual audience is going to be in the tens of 1000 or in the hundreds of 1000 or for some of us more than that. But at least all of us are gonna reach tens of 1000, which means your 300 followers don't matter right now. They really don't. Your 3000 followers don't matter right now. Your 30,000 followers, now we're talking.
Now we need to look at the stats a little bit more. But more and more, you realize nobody Simplero opinion matters, not especially not yours about your own content. You just have to put it out there. And then look at the data later, you're practicing becoming braver. That's all it is.
The less time you could spend with stage 1 content, the more you're practicing bravery, the more you're practicing. I don't care what anybody's opinion is. I'm putting it out there. Alright. So I hope this is helpful.
Thanks for watching. I wanna thank a couple of you who are live here and and ChatGPT. Jason Bliedel says, you know, I feel like I want my stage 1 video to make it mean all these kinds of things and what are people thinking and Yeah. Exactly. All of these stories that you're gonna have Of course, you're gonna have them.
You're human. If you if you if you didn't have these stories, you wouldn't be human. Right? Like, we grew up and we we we a a accumulate all these judgments and opinions about ourselves, which is just holding us back. All we gotta do is practice putting it out there, feeling the vulnerability, feeling the thin skin, and then moving on with their day, their therapy, do your energy reboot.
Don't go eat junk food. Okay. But go for a run. Go for whatever you need to do to self regulate for your thin skin. You're you're a coward right now.
You gotta self regulate. Now, I'm sorry. I I'm a coward too. All of us are cowards at the beginning, and then we get thicker skin and we become egotistical like me. Then we have to practice humility again.
But it's a cycle. Right? It's a continual cycle. You to us, thank you, sir, saying, For me, it is helpful to say it is just this one version. This is version 1.
I'm gonna make many versions of this idea in the future. Absolutely. That's how I do it too. It's just one version. It's gonna be I have so many more opportunities to rehash this idea in the future.
I gotta put it out there right now. And Devora, Yes. Thank you for saying that you need to give this version of the post. The honor that it deserves to just put it out there without attachment. Without your attachment.
Yes. Absolutely. It's like giving birth without worrying if anyone would like your kid. And yes. And, you know, love your content.
But even if you don't love your content, put it in there anyway. The content deserves to be put out there. Right? So and Kathy, absolutely great points. Kathy says, it feels strange.
If I've grown up in a small community like living in a village, my experience is that maintaining connection matters. Yes. You're very insightful. Con comment. All of us grew up in a small village of a kind.
It's our family. Our friends. Right? All of us think our opinions of everybody else matters. And then if you're gonna if you're gonna grow up to become a content creator, you're going to realize I am tossing a pebble into the ocean.
That's it. It's not a small village. Connections matter. No. I'm tossing a pebble into the ocean.
And, yes, my friends and family may desert me because I said something right now. But guess what? I'm gonna have 30,000 friends and family in a couple of years. So 10,000, 3000, whatever. So it's like the world is 7,000,000,000.
There's 8,000,000,000 people now, whatever it's going to 9,000,000,000,000 in a in a couple years, you know. But the world is 5,000,000,000 Internet users. 5,000,000,000 Internet users who could become your friends and family, who could become your truest fans. They are the ones who matter, not uncle uncle John and Sally. You know, this class mate, what they're gonna say about my thing, my my friend from high school, none of them matter.
Those connections do not matter when it comes to your content. Of course, they matter when it comes to family gathering. You know, you have to make sure you polite to everybody. But when you're putting content out there, it's your right to speak your opinion. And it's their right also to say you're crazy.
I'm gonna scold you next time I see you at family dinner. They're right to say that, and if you're right not to go to family dinner. Right? It's it's you're right. It's you're right.
It's they're right as well. Everyone's right to it's their right to opinionate. It's your right to ignore your opinions. So there you go. I hope this is helpful.


Last updated 29 Sep 2023.