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The basics of your field -- from your perspective

This seems like a basic prompt, but not enough people create with this this prompt type, which is the basics about your field. So looking at the expertise that you have, you are already quite a bit farther advanced than most of your clients, members, students, etcetera. And yet, most of the people in in the spectrum of learning that you that you offer in your content and your offers. That spectrum, you have people who are more beginners, maybe you have people who are more advanced. who work with you as clients or students, and yet everyone seems to benefit from from learning the basics again.
The analogy I always like to use is when you go to a martial arts studio, You know, you you you see some you know, let's go to a March the the white belt, you know, a aikido class, for example. You will also see some of the black belts in the white belt class practicing the basic moves. because even the most advanced people appreciate revisiting the foundations again and again and again The difference is that now they are seeing the foundations at a more nuanced level, at a deeper level than when they were beginners. And so as a content creator, whenever you bring back the basics to your audience, everyone appreciates it, both beginners and advanced. So in this prompt type, I'm going to encourage you to work on that, share the basics of your field.
And I've given you below this video a series of possible questions to to answer, to create some content around this. And as I said, you can keep doing this again and again and again. I mean, maybe not every single piece content you make. But on an occasional basis, come back again to, for example, I'll I'll I'll share the questions that I have right now. It might change as as these these develops.
You can look below to see what's what's the latest. But for example, what is What is your why is your field important to the world? The the work that you do? Why is it important to the world? especially to the people who are your ideal clients or ideal students.
Why is it important to them? It might sound so simple to answer the question of why, but, again, it's helpful for them to remember that and to be reinspired by it. Why is important? k? So that's one possible piece of content right there.
Another possibility is when you think about your clients or your customers, And when they do the work that you help them to do, what is the possibility? I always I I sometimes like to say. I don't say it often enough. Free content is about the hope. paid content is about the how.
Free hope. Paid how. Okay? Free content is about the inspiration, the motivation, the the the the foundation, the philosophy, the overall big picture. and the paid content, the the courses that you you create and charge for, the services that you charge for is hand holding people through the how.
So this is an example of, you know, of of the free hope is what is the possibility that inspires you when your clients do the work. what happens to them, what happens to the world. Right? So a different different spin on the on the original question I gave you. Okay?
A third possible question is, what is your definition of some important term in your field. So my field is business, marketing, So an important term in my field would be authentic marketing. So what is my definition of authentic marketing? or I I I kind of came up with this term authentic business years ago. I didn't I I get I'm sure someone else had probably used it, but I started, you know, popularizing it.
And so I define what is authentic business. Right? Like, I occasionally come back and define that again. Right? Or what is, you know, if you're if you're a relationship counselor, you know, then what is I don't know what the what an important term would be for relationships.
But, for example, what is commitment? What is my definition of commitment if I were a relationship coach or something? Another question would be, what's a foundational idea from your field that you would love your audience to be on the same page about what's in the foundation like you just want everyone, hey. If I if I if you're in my audience, I want you to be on the same page, on this with the same understanding as me. about this foundational idea.
So, for example, I want my instantly on the same page when it comes to what productivity for what joyful productivity is about or what You know? So that could that could be a term or it could be a foundational idea. But so, yeah, it's either a foundational term foundational idea or a particular term. define it, say why it's important, define it from your point of view, not just the the the dictionary. You could say the dictionary says this, and I define it slightly differently because of this reason.
Or the reason why I wanna define it is because it's important to understand this, and here's why I think it's important to understand this. So anyway, I think you get the basic idea. You can use any of these prompts to create a piece of content and, again, come back to this occasionally, every month, every 2, every 3 months, come back to this again and again and again. So I look forward to seeing you create about this. Go ahead and do this now.
And when you have a piece of content that is about this, and if it's a public piece of content, please share with us the link below, and we'd like to share you on. Thanks.

Creating content about the basics is welcome to everyone. Even the experts appreciate a revisiting a nuanced description of the basics once again. In a martial arts dojo, even the black belts practice with the white belts. The more your audience understands the basics of your field, the more deep work you can do with them.

Choose among these prompts:

  • Why is my field important in the world, especially to the people who are my ideal clients?

  • The possibility that inspires me, when my clients understand / do the work, is…

  • What is my definition of [important term in my field]? (Optional: and how does it differ from the standard dictionary definition?)

  • What foundational things about your field/industry/work would you love to see your audience be “on the same page” about?

These are prompts you can revisit again and again to create content that educates your audience about your field and by doing so, you become (one of) the key experts they think of when they think of your field.


Last updated 18 Aug 2023.