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Your creation process is a curriculum of practice...

Your posting process is a curriculum of practice. What do I mean by this? As you develop your method of creating and posting content. You will realize that, well, you probably already have. It is many steps and there is a there's so much potential for improvement with each step, whether it's, okay, how do I brainstorm?
And how do I brainstorm well? Maybe you use a tool like ChatGPT or you use some other way of brainstorming. How do you create how what's the ritual before you create that? And then what's the creation process itself? If you're writing, for example, how do you what's your skill of developing the beginning of something?
And then the end of something, and how do you there's so much so much so many skills for writing. And then it's making titles. And then if you make videos, there's like a thousand skills there. But So your process of creation and posting is a lifetime curriculum for you of practice. And you're going to get so many pieces of that curriculum in this very course.
And so this lesson is just to remind you that everything you hear from me in this course is not a requirement for you. Number 1. But number 2, it's not meant for you to like Alright. I gotta get that all good before I make my next thing because then you are delaying your actual learning, which only comes through lived experience. So the way I recommend you continue taking this course is to ask yourself this coming week, the next few days, as I create, what is 1 skill that I am practicing.
Get clear on what is that 1 skill you're practicing. So for example, if I if I write, if that's my creation mostly that I if if that's true for you, then the 1 skill you're practicing this coming week may be, I'm going to practice shorter paragraphs. I don't know. I mean, really, it's It could be as simple as that. Or I'm going to practice putting more emotion into my writing.
That could be a skill. So you see both of these are different skills and, you know, it it If you don't practice each skill multiple times, it's hard to integrate that skill into your regular way of way of creating. So this is this is my encouraging for you, for the going forward every week, you pick 1 skill to develop and you can of course always come back later you know, to to that skill again after a few months or after a year, I'm gonna practice that skill again. And by doing it, guess what? You become a more and more effective creator over months and over years you're just gonna get better.
I really wish this process of mastery for you. Because with this, you will become 1 of the best creators in your industry. So you're welcome to comment below. You can even bookmark this lesson if you wish to come back on a regular basis and comment below. This coming week What is the 1 skill I am practicing in my creation process?
And if you're clear on that, you will then set that intention every time you come to create again. Okay. I'm practicing this 1 skill this week. And also, this means You probably have a catalog of skills. Maybe you write it down or maybe you just come back to this course and look at various lessons to go, I haven't done that 1, that skill in a while.
I'm gonna practice that this week. So enjoy this path of mastery. To becoming 1 of the best creators in your field.

First get into a regular habit of creating.

Then start to improve your creation skills bit by bit.

Throughout almost every lesson in this course, you might pick out a skill for you to consciously practice.

Decide: what skill am I practicing this coming week? Set that intention, and each time you make content, you practice that skill specifically, and reflect on it. 

Write down what you’re learning into your own Creation Hat Manual.

Last updated 23 Jun 2023.