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Why is it so rare for creators to be consistent?

I wanna start a module about why it's so rare to be a consistent content creator even though many many people try. I have lost count of how many people I've seen around me, friends, colleagues, students and clients who have had the inspiration or the goal or even a commitment, even a public commitment. To be creating on a consistent basis and just can't keep it up. And there are many reasons why and I look forward to to seeing if you have any reasons to contribute to this. But I think if we get clear about these things, we can perhaps prevent those blocks for ourselves and create our own sustainable creation process.
So I really look forward to seeing how this module can really change things for you. And for you to become to continue being a consistent creator long after this course ends. So let's get going.

Let me know what you think below...

Last updated 3 Mar 2023.