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Authentic Business Planning 2021-2022

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Energy Reboot
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Module 1

What is an Authentic Business?
Watch the previous version for foundations
2020-2021 Authentic Business Planning -- Part 1
3-minute Bio Break
First, clarify your successes to build on
Processes & Habits to continue and build on
Paper airplanes, reframing failure, and Lessons from experiments
Authentic Business Models
Concentric Circles Business Model
I welcome you to rebel (or at least modify!) my teachings
Financial Tracking
6-Month BizPlan Scenarios -- which will you use?
Getting clients: netcaring or content... how do we choose?
Videos or Writings for your Content-to-Clients plan?
How to balance between enjoyable tasks vs income producing less enjoyable tasks?
Course Tracker, and beware of learning without doing, knowledge without action...
Planning Your Business Year
Tips for using the BizPlan Templates
Planning sheet columns: Launch vs Service Focus
"Frequency in Days" in the Weekly Template
Alignment and your ideal work day

Module 2

Let's start with an energy reboot
Watch previous module 2
2020-2021 Authentic Business Planning (8 Practices + Weekly Template) -- Part 2
The 8 practices are for gradual habit building
How will you remind yourself to do the practices?
Weekly Task Template
3-minute Bio Break
Joyful Productivity
Do I use timers to remind me to do Energy Reboots?
Content Creation Habit
What if the creating process gets stretched out and messes with the rest of the day's schedule?
Create via inspired moments or be more structured?
Ideas for content creation
Why review these 8 Practices?
Content Distribution
FB profile gets more engagement -- why post on FB biz page at all?
Gentle Launches
What are the 5 Levels of Authentic Business?
Level 0 of Authentic Business
Level 1 of Authentic Business
Level 1 exercise
Promoting case studies authentically
2020-2021 Authentic Business Planning -- 5 Levels of Business and Progress Tracking (Part 3)
Without niche clarity yet... how to plan business?

Module 3

5 Levels of Authentic Business
Tracking Your Progress
Authentic Marketing
Level 2 of Authentic Business
What is Stage 2 Content?
What to do when not enough sales or clients?
Is it necessary to run social media Ads?
Got more questions? Come to my Monthly QA
Level 3 of Authentic Business
If interested in running a group program, how large an audience do you need to have?
Levels 4 and 5 of Authentic Business
Why I don't have a VA / staff... why I stay a solopreneur...
2-minute break
A few thoughts on how to grow an email list...
Tracking Your Business Progress and Metrics
If overwhelmed by all the tools in this course... where to start?
Connect with other course participants via our Directory
Your feedback is much appreciated 🙏🏼
Making your biz metrics tracking simpler...
Every solopreneur should have 2 email addresses: public one to send newsletters, private for email.

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