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The "Notifications" Page - get only the emails you want from my course platform

So how do you get just the emails from my courses where you are being mentioned? So for example, if I'm responding to something you asked, and I will always mention you so that you're more likely to get the emails. So this is how you do it because you might be getting too many emails from my courses. So first of all, click on your self, your little picture. Sometimes it's in the top right here.
Thank you, Mara, for showing us. Oops. If you could zoom zoom down. Alright. There we go.
So click on notifications after you click on yourself. On the top writer. Okay. And here, you can scroll down and basically oops. Yeah.
And scroll up a little bit here. And notice that you can put quite granular settings. Right? So for example, it says blog, new blog posts, comments, mute, it basically means no. Don't don't send me any emails when there are new comments on courses or blog post forms, etcetera.
Yeah. That's probably a good idea because that could be way too many emails. Right? Unless you have a some savvy way of filtering your emails, etcetera. And then mentions, the the third the third a third set of bubbles here is really what we wanna do.
When someone mentions you in a enough comment or forum post, it's generally a good idea to put anyone who mentions you can, can do that. And Mar, let me ask you, when you did you change that already or was that default for you? I think I have randomly changed things not knowing this mass page was available and -- Okay. Okay. -- totally, I need to do some updating.
Yeah. So I think everyone should go to their notifications master page and I would recommend anyone for the mentions because if otherwise, you're not receiving any emails. Right? And you are And you could zoom in more now if you want to to I don't even wanna hide the hide certain things. But if you if you if you someone mentions you, says, oh, that was a great idea, Mario.
Have you thought about this? Or what do you think about that? You'll never you'll never know. Because how how are you gonna go and look at unless you put anyone who mentions you, you'll get an email for. Now if for some reason you are just super popular in our in our course community, and you're just getting too many emails of people mentioning you and you don't want to receive those, then put if staff mentions you, that's the middle bubble for mentions.
But again, I recommend that how tomorrow has it set right now, blog mute, comments, staff, if you want to receive it or if not, then put mute. And then mentions anyone. And then further down, as you can see, you could set that for each course. And so generally speaking, you probably want and mute. So the right hand bubble for the courses that are quite popular or that are active right now.
A lot of people commenting probably want to mute because you get so many emails from those courses. Unfortunately, you can't set here the the mentions thing, but I do believe even if you mute a course comments, you'll still get the at mentions. And if you if you stop getting the app if you if you start getting if you stop getting any course comments even in your if you're wondering, I think people are mentioning me, but I'm still not getting those emails. Then, you know, then you might wanna come back and set it on anyone or set it on staff. I mean, And the other trick really is to use to use email filters.
And, Ma'am, you can stop your screen share for now. But what I do is I well, because I'm I'm on staff with my own business, I basically receive all emails, all all course comments, everything. I receive everything. And the way I do it is I basically create email rules in my email system. And I try to get clever with if the email says in the subject line someone has mentioned me or whatever, notice the email subject lines.
And you could basically filter certain email subject lines that have certain phrases or words into your into a certain folder that you check more often or into your primary inbox where you can filter out everything else. So learn email rules or email filters for your email them and that will that will really solve a lot of issues in in terms of getting too many emails as well. So I hope this is helpful. Thanks again, Maher for sharing your screen with us.

Click here for the Notifications Page

...and if you're not seeing the courses you're enrolled in on the Notifications page, see the video below.

Last updated 9 Jan 2023.

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I turned off notifications except those mentioning me, and because I put a number of posts yesterday I'm still receiving a large number of "individual" emails. I

Is it possible to have a daily digest, rather than an email for each "like", etc. ?ย 


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