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▶️ Autoplay lesson videos (one after another) + other benefits of the New Simplero Experience

Simplero has a new format for looking at courses and forums that you might be interested in for two reasons. 1 is that the courses in the new format now has autoplay for the videos, which means you're doing chores, you're driving, hopefully not. But, anyway, you're you're you're doing stuff and don't want to have to, like, go to the next segment. George records courses in 3 minute segments. I have to keep clicking, you know, forever until I get carpal tunnel.
So the new the new format allows you to autoplay. So you just after a video ends, it just goes to the next lesson and the next lesson and the next lesson all the way. So that will save you a bunch of clicks. The drawback, of course, is if you're on autoplay, it's a little bit less intentional. So you'd you're not gonna be as incentivized to, like, comment read the comments for each lesson, but hopefully allows you to consume the the course more efficiently.
So that's one benefit. The other bet well, there's many other benefits including the, it looks more like a social media, you know, space with hopefully less distraction. There's not a bunch of your Facebook friends and stuff like that, but it's just it's focused on the content, but it it feels more like a social media space. So it's more, maybe intuitive for a lot of us to interact with. So I'm gonna go ahead and show you on the screen what that looks like and how to set that how to, toggle into the new experience.
Alright. Let's go to the course platform, And then once you get here alright. Once you get here, actually, on any page in my course platform or forum, you can simply put question mark new_exp for experience equals 1. That will turn on the new experience.
And if you wanna turn it off in the future, you could put the same thing, question mark newexp equals 0. But let's turn it on right now. And again, this this is a this is thing to put at the end of any of my URLs in in the course platform. And let's see how it looks. And well, see okay.
So that doesn't look that that that different. But, but see the menu now is on the whoops. The menu now is a drop down. Oops. No.
No. No. It's it's this thing. Sorry. That's the menu.
The menu is now on the left hand side. And let's say you are going to and then you can you can uncollapse these, by the way, to make it, you know, these are collapsible. And then let's say you're studying the current live course, which which is always gonna be highlighted in the menu or it's gonna be existing in the menu on its own. So the current course I'm teaching, authentic market discovery. Let's say we're going in there, and I'll show you what that looks like now.
Okay. Actually, I'm gonna, zoom out a little bit. So this is what it's supposed I I zoomed in. If you zoom in, it'll look like this. But if you zoom to normal, it has a left bar and a right bar, you know, left bar for the menu, the right bar for information about whatever you're looking at.
And so, for example, let's say I am checking out this lesson. Right? I click on this lesson and notice a couple things. 1 is let me just take a look here. Okay.
So there there are there are these little icons you can click on. You can favorite a lesson to find it more easily in the future in the favorites area. You can, be notified by email when there is a new comment on this particular lesson. You can look at the transcript by clicking here. You can download the lesson to your computer if you want to the video anyway.
And when you click when you start playing the video okay. I'm gonna pause it for now. When you start playing the video, notice that, this this is the button. The autoplay, I don't know if it's turned on automatically, but I it should be. But this is the button here, autoplay.
Okay? And you can, of course, speed up speed up how fast I talk, you know, by by moving your mouse over this and or clicking on it, and it just changes it. But you can scroll up to through 2 and a half times the speed or or go down to one times. By the way, I'm looking at this on on the desktop computer, not on the mobile device. They're still working on making the mobile the mobile Simplero app the new experience.
That's coming in the next few months. But autoplay is the main thing. And then you can also click on this enhanced audio. You should try this out. It makes me a little bit louder perhaps and the the background noise a little bit less.
So you might wanna try out enhanced audio, see what that's like. And, anyway, this is the resolution. It doesn't really matter. You can, go to theater mode if you want to see, more by wrinkles. You can go picture in picture.
Anyway, you could it's kinda like YouTube a little bit. Right? It's kinda like YouTube there. And, anyway, I wanna show you autoplay. So let's say this video is played almost to the end.
Okay? I'm looking to go towards the end and notice what happens. Watch this. Play this video. By the way, I I'm I'm let me let me let me go ahead and actually share the share the share the video sound here.
Okay. So watch this onto the next lesson. And then look. It's kinda like YouTube. Right?
Automatically plays to the next lesson. I'm gonna see. Yep. There it is. It's it's playing automatic.
Module, we're gonna be doing plenty of So there you go. That hopefully, solves one of the complaints I've gotten over over time. This is George. So many lessons to click on. Well, the reason why I have so many segments is because I want each segment to be a a topic that people could discuss and ask specific questions about and and find connections for those who are who care about that particular topic or subtopic.
That's why and, for example, each each for example, in in this lesson, you could see there's lots of comments. Oh, and I should show you the new, the new format here is such that you can sort by newest or oldest comments. Okay? So that's kinda useful. So if, I think this is newest.
Yeah. The newest is from 11 days ago. Yeah. 11 days ago. Right?
No. 10 days ago. Okay. This was a reply to a comment. So the newest starting comment the newest starting comment is 11 days ago.
Let me go to the oldest. And the oldest starting comment maybe it's not working, is it? K. This is probably not working yet. So this is why it's still a manually go to this new experience because they're still sorting out the bugs.
I gotta report this bug here. Anyway, you could see it's looks more it looks more like Facebook. Right? And so you can reply. You can you can add attachments.
You can add a video. I don't know why you would add a video, YouTube video, etcetera, I guess. Anyway, you can scroll all the way to the bottom to start oh, god. There are lots of comments. Scroll all the way to the bottom to write a comment.
So I guess this incentivizes replying to people's comments, which I actually appreciate because when when you add a comment and no one's replying to you, it, it can feel lonely. But when someone replies to you, then they feel more in the community. So I really like that. It actually incentivizes community instead of everyone just talking and nobody's replying to each other. So that's good.
So if you wanna start if you there was a lot of comments and you wanna start a new comment. Right? You have to scroll all the way to the bottom of lesson, which is okay. Or if you know a keyboard shortcut, command down arrow goes automatically to the bottom of a page. This is true for any browser.
Command up goes to the top. Command down goes to the bottom of the page. Right? So and, what else about this new experience? On the right hand side, you can scroll.
So all the lessons are here on the right hand side for a for a course, and you can scroll, scroll, scroll. You can collapse a particular module to go to the next module if you want to. You can see how many lessons you've completed. I've completed 2 out of 15 lessons here by clicking, the mark as complete will will show that. So, anyway, that's the new experience.
I hope you will give it a try and report bugs, to Simplero if you are in direct communication with them or, ideally, report bugs directly to Simplero if you're in direct contact with them. Otherwise, you can tell me about the bugs, and I will take the extra step to report it. And remember, if you ever want to switch back to the old experience, remember, at the end of well, here, I'll just show you the the the way that's definitely more well, if you're on any page and you wanna switch back to the old experience, okay, here's what you do. Go to the end of the URL and where it says question mark autoplay 1, for example. You remove anything that says question mark and you and you paste in or you put in question mark, new experience equals 0.
New experience new new underscore exp equals 0. That's, yeah, again, starting with a question mark. And then you press enter, and then automatically it turns this lesson into the old experience and any other future lesson that you click on will will will still be the old experience. And again, if you wanna change it back to the new experience, you put, you put at the end question mark new up new underscore xexpone. Again, this works with any any, any page you're on in my course platform, including the home page of the course platform.
You could you can do the same thing, 0 or 1. So, I think, I think I might start doing with an going with new experience just to test out the bugs and things like that. So, anyway, I hope this is helpful. If you have any questions or comments about, this new experience, I look forward to seeing it below. Thanks.

You can now autoplay the lesson videos, one after another, to prevent having to click each time you want to go to the next lesson... See the video above.

To do that, switch to the New Simplero Experience by appending the following to the end of any URL in this course platform:


For example, to see this lesson in the New Experience, go here: 

To switch back to the Classic Experience, append this instead:


Give it a try!  Enjoy the new experience.

Last updated 22 Jun 2024.

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George Kao

When taking my courses -- if you want the lessons to automatically go to the next one when you've finished watching a video (e.g. autoplay next lesson, instead of manually clicking "next"), you now can!  See the video above for how to do this.

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