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Whenever you've been away from content creation... how to get back on track?

Whenever you have been away from content creation and you wanna come back, there's one piece of content you can always create, which is I've been away for a while, and I'm reconnecting to my passion, to my care for this body of work. I believe in this body of work. I believe in my ability, in my passion, to deliver this to the world to all of you who are watching this or reading this or listening to this. I believe it. And the reason why I believe it is, you could tell a little bit of the story why you believe it.
And so I am recommitting again here in front of all of you to show up again to deliver this body of work to you. So look for my content every Thursday, every Tuesday, every Sunday, every Monday. Whatever is I'm committing because I've already thought before I started this video or written this thing, which day makes most sense for me to publish. So in the video, in the piece, you're gonna say, I am now committing in front of you. I'm not gonna be perfect, but I want you to keep me accountable.
Look for it on Sunday. Look for it on Wednesdays. So here I am. I will see you next Wednesday. You can always make that peace.
And then 9 months later, you fall to bandwagon for 3 months. And then you come back with this piece of content again. It's really a good idea actually. So give it a try.
Last updated 29 Sep 2023.