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Welcome to the YouTube course! + Our Community Values

One welcome to the YouTube mastery course or I should say the authentic YouTube mastery course. So what is the difference between YouTube mastery and authentic YouTube mastery Am I somehow saying that I my growth and my mastery is more true than others? No. No. No.
What I meant was while I probably overuse the word authentic number 1. I put authentic in front of every single one of my course name. So that's that's probably why it's called authentic YouTube mastery. But really, it's more because I tend to draw people like you, people who are more heart based, who want to not only live life authentically, but also run their business from from a deep place of heart and soul and alignment with values. So what you're going to hear and get in this course is at least slightly different than what you'll get in typical YouTube courses In this course, we will touch in more about the the heart and soul aspect of growing our YouTube channel so that it's not it's not about, you know, it's not just about hustle hustle your face off and you know, hey, you know, you know, manipulate your audience to make them do this or do that.
But rather, we're seeing I'm seeing, and I hope you agree with me. I I I'm seeing the process of growing one's YouTube presence as part of the process of the larger process of a holistic professional growth strategy, becoming more aligned between our energy signature, our our strengths, our skills and what we do in our professional life. And ultimately, this is all part of the larger personal growth of part and soul development. And so therefore, we want to do things as we grow our YouTube channel in a way that's really balanced, I guess, with our the rest of our priorities and in a way that feels really good for the long term. And so I I I I'm so grateful that you're here.
And if you look below this video, You'll see that I've written some values for this community because I really do believe this has been true, I think, for all my courses. The most valuable part of my course is the community that that is sort of like curated here. Those who actually well first joined my my community tend my audience tend to be more heart based wise, solar printers. And secondly, this community is curated because we're all interested in growing our YouTube channel. So you so I believe we we can learn from each other.
That's my hope. That's I I hope that you'll kinda set that mind to learn from one another, which means I hope you'll share generously of what you're learning about YouTube. I'm probably gonna learn from you as well. YouTube is an evolving sort of skill. And so let's learn from each other.
So let's share generously and what we're learning from from here, but also from your own efforts and from maybe elsewhere. You're gonna learn from hopefully other YouTube teachers as well, perhaps. And and then reply and the other thing is you'll see below, I say, comment once, reply twice. So whenever you add a comment to our course platform, maybe you're sharing your YouTube learnings or whatever. Look at 2 other comments and and try to reply to 2 of them if if you can.
Just kinda keep the comment reply ratio healthy and wholesome and uplifting for everybody. And if you do give feedback to to others. I hope you do. Give feedback to others YouTube videos, of course, as you as you know it, but it's good to remind, do it with kindness. Do with gentleness, sensitivity because it can be hard to receive feedback, particularly when in regards to our own video presence.
Right? So so do it with kindness, with sensitivity, but do give feedback so that we can all help each other improve bit by bit by bit. So with that, check out again the values below. Add a comment if you if you wanna add anything, feel free. And then let's move on from here.

A warm welcome here!

I see this course as a community... but it’s not just random comments from random people, but rather, focused and kind comments, from your fellow authentic YouTube creators, for the purpose of encouragement and learning.Β 

The most important part of a community is its culture.

I consider each of us to be culture-setters. We influence the culture with every interaction we have here.Β 

A few values I recommend that we keep in mind...Β 

  1. Comment once, reply twice. For each comment that you make, look for 2 other people's comments (especially ones with few comments) and add a reply – with your encouragement and suggestions (if appropriate). This helps to balance the comment/reply ratio, and gives you practice in seeking and giving support in this community.

  2. Start with appreciation.Β Begin your comment about another person's video with your appreciation. Each person's energy signature is unique. It can be difficult to notice one's own, and easier to notice others'.Β Try to name something, however small, that you appreciate about their video. We all have a fear of being fully seen. Let’s help each other feel accepted and received.

  3. Offer suggestions with kindness.Β It can be hard to receive feedback, especially when someone is new to making video. We do like offering each other suggestions here -- it helps us improve -- however, be gentle/considerate in how you offer your suggestions to one another.

  4. Be generous with sharing tips. We are all learning about YouTube together, myself included! If you discover something that works, or hear about a great tip, please do share it with us. Go to lessons learned and choose the appropriate segment to comment on. Sharing will make this course better for all of us.

Let me know below if these values are helpful, and if you have any suggestions.

The values we embody together here is what makes this course experience amazing for each other 😊

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Last updated 22 Jan 2024.