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Notice and help name each others' energy signatures...

I believe that the most valuable part of this course is the community that's been formed here based on the fact that you all signed up for this. It is a natural filtering process for, I think, awesome people who are particularly keen on becoming more sensitive to energy signature and leaning into our more authentically powerful expressions of it. Now, so why am I saying that, you know, am I talking about the community now? Because I want you to why want us to do a community exercise now. You can see the instructions below this video.
But, essentially, What I would love for you to do is to find a piece of content from from yourself. Maybe it's a video, made, you know, videos typically have the greatest opportunity to express energy signature because it's multimedia. It's include your face and voice and everything else, your ideas, everything. But it could be a piece of writing. Writing can also powerfully communicate energy signature.
It could be a podcast episode. It could be a web page. It could be I don't know. Instagram carries on post. I mean, it's it's up to you how you wanna what you find a piece of content where you feel that your energy signature was present.
And very present if you if you can find something like that. And then add your comment below this video if you want to be part of this community exercise. Add your comment with that link. Now make sure that link is publicly accessible. Don't give us a link to a private Google document or a private Facebook post that was only accessible to friends.
So make sure it's a publicly accessible link so that other students can actually see it. And so, basically, put the link below and don't tell us what to look for. Don't say, well, you know, I was really this here or this, you know, feeling this way or or expressing. Don't tell us. Let us.
Sense into what we see as our understanding of your energy signature. Alright? And so once you've added your comment below, Go and look at 2 other people's comments. Find the ones that don't have any replies under their comment yet because someone's got replies and they've already gotten the other part of the community exercise. But look for comments without replies and then take a minute, 2 minutes, 3 minutes, however much time you enjoy.
Doesn't have to be much time because energy signature comes across pretty quickly. Alright? So just even a minute or 2 minutes of reading or watching that person's link that they gave you. And then answer these two questions. And the questions are actually below.
But the questions are, I'm looking at this myself. What aspect of their energy signature is very apparent to you, very obvious for you. Now, if you're replying under someone who has already gotten some other replies, try to name something different from what the other reply said. You could say, oh, yes, I also saw this or felt that. And at the same time, I also saw this other unique part that hasn't been named yet.
Okay? That's that's question 1. Question 2 is What else do you see about their energy signature? That's like a hint of it that you would love to see them lean into even more. You understand?
Like, you see their potential. It's like, you know, this aspect of your personality or your expression or your I don't know, part of you that I'd love to see you lean in more and emphasize even more. Maybe they have in other pieces of content that they do, but at least you you're naming that. Seed that you're seeing. Alright.
Have fun with this exercise. I I can't wait to see you share with each other. By the way, if you don't see any comments below this video, it's because you're not logged into the course. There have been already many comments. By the time I even I'm I'm recording this live right now, and I already see a bunch of comments in in the live chat.
So be sure you're logged into the course or you haven't signed up for the course. Obviously not logged in, signed up for the course, so you can join us for the community exercise below if you like. Thanks.

The most valuable part of this course is the natural filtering process that gathered us here: we each resonated with the energy of this course, then cared enough about working on becoming keen observers and expressers of energy signature, to be here!

Let's utilize this precious opportunity πŸ’›

Step 1 -- Find a piece of content that you believe strongly reflects your energy signature. It could be a video, piece of writing, an image you created, a podcast episode, a webpage, or a social media post.

Step 2 -- Add a comment below and give us the link to that piece of content. (First make sure it is publicly accessible, so we can see/experience it.) Don't tell us what part of your energy signature it expresses. Let us discover it for ourselves.

If you don't yet have a piece to share with us, just go to Step 3 for now and reply to others' pieces. In the (near) future come back when you have a piece to share with us and take the above steps.

Step 3 -- Reply to 2 other people's comments, especially if they haven't received any replies yet, to let them know:

  • What aspect of their energy signature is very apparent for you... try to name something that other repliers haven't yet named...

  • ...and also, what potential do you see with their energy signature that you'd love to see them strengthen?

Enjoy this exercise!

Besides the comments below (scroll down), also check out the live chats from zoom for this segment here.

(If you don't see any comments below, it means you're not logged into the course, or perhaps not enrolled. If you haven't enrolled, you can do so here.)

Last updated 13 Jan 2024.