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Energy signature requires energy…

Of all this talk about energy signature, we have even talked about where does energy come from. Okay? So here I want us to think about, well, energy signature and even your expression requires energy. So what is your energy? How is your energy supported?
Where does it come from? And therefore, what practices can you do? To support a good foundation of energy so that your energy signature is most powerfully expressed when you need it to be. So I welcome you to comment below, and I'm talking about things like wellness practices, but not just wellness practices or whatever you wanna call them. I I'm I'm purposely being vague here because I want you to come up with your answer for where this energy come from and how you support your good energy so that you can be more you can have your energy signature be more accessible to you, your best, your most powerful, most authentically aligned energy signature.
How can you have that most successful to you? What where do you think that comes from? And how do you support that on a regular basis? I look forward to seeing your comments below.

What are the practices that support a good energy baseline for you? What regular activities must you do, throughout the day, week, year?

How do you remind yourself to keep doing these activities which form a good foundation for your energy signature?

Comment below and share with us your answers to these two questions... 

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Last updated 13 Jan 2024.